Unusual Bed Designs For All Our Little Cunning Secrets

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fancy bed designs book white kids bedding

Unusual bed designs for all our little cunning secrets

Take a look at the next design ideas for the bedroom and see how your bedroom a place of secrets can be all thanks to a bold redesign of the bed frame!

The osmosis study bed

I’m sleeping on audio books, Beethoven’s masterpieces and the open pages of a good book. None of them broke enough in my sleep, to make me smarter or having a larger understanding what I read. Of course, I have never tried to sleep on a dictionary or other text or reference book, that supposedly elected to send its vast information about osmosis greatly.

Who knows, maybe this method could make me successful in one night and I were now bilingual or a candidate for the Nobel Prize. Until more evidence can be obtained to support this claim, I am here to jump on the sides of the child’s play storybook bed. This bed looks like an oversized version of an open book, literally is a scrolling thriller.

Sleep, play, grow, laugh, it’s all a way for your children with this adorable creation by Yusuke Suzuki!

Water bed hybrid

fancy bed designs Sun jar floor lamp

Warning, asleep in a bathtub can lead to unwanted death. Wait only! Not now be in this adventure! I know that my themes are a bit sick, but this will be changed. Get to know the most influential water bed in your life.

Attractive, functional floor lamp – Bowl

fancy bed designs lying plain wood floor lamp

The Hoesch Water Lounge integrates the shape of a bathtub, with the comfort of a lounge chair and the relaxation of a bed in a customized form.

fancy bed designs comfortable floor lamp

The secret safe bed

You’ve heard stories of a lonely, older people, who has died and they found an amazing discovery in the mattress. Money. Paper money. And lots of it. The distrust vis-a-vis the banks forced the deceased to hoard cash inside the mattress as a hedge against depression, recession, or who knows what, if a local angry man trying to Rob a bank in 30 minutes or less.

fancy bed designs high bed ladder stairs metal frame

As soon as you place your bed frame, bed skirt and throw a duvet over your mattress, which would be the impossible mission for easy money for any thieves

Ausgellene bed designs high bed ladder stairs comfortably frame

Now, it’s time, this method to stop the savings and home banking. Thanks to opportunistic ideas, the bed safe has appeared as practical and affordable equipment to provide your valuables and precious possessions in mysterious and normal article. Guns, jewelry, cash, documents, can be hidden these within the limits of a safe, which is designed to replace the spring of your mattress set.

The split personality bed

Hurry, you have three seconds, a sofa and two unexpected guests to stay. What do you do? With the doc sofa bunk bed, the predicament is child’s play. With just a simple maneuver, you will see how your simple futon turns sofa into a bunk bed, which gives accommodation to guests.

Equipped functional bunk bed with ladder

fancy bed designs high bed ladder stairs comfortable pillow

This functional piece of furniture built from wooden slats has removable lid, making it much easier is to fall in love with: easy to wash, easy to extend, easy to move.

Comfortable sofa design – many decorative pillowsfancy bed designs high bed ladder stairs comfortable pillow

It is a one-size update that solves many large problems in a modern family home

fancy bed designs high bed ladder stairs comfortably structure

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