Walk-in Closet Set Up Plan – 50 Dressing Chic

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coat open wardrobe Chair leather white carpet

Amazing systems in the dressing room

Crown molding

Crown molding in a flamboyant wardrobe proves a delicate touch, which gives the room a perfect feeling. Much like a boutique, clothes, shoes and even books make lovingly look the room.

Seating area and mannequins

Make you feel like in a clothes shop in the dressing room, add a seating area – the perfect space for your friends that can help with the selection of clothing. For extra chic add a mannequin to show off your eventual outfit…

Walk-in wardrobe plan linen closet-

Nothing is so disgusting like dirty clothes in the dressing room. Hide your laundry in a built-in wardrobe. Moreover most are equipped, linen cupboards with laundry basket so that you can remove the clothes faster which facilitates the laundry day.

Walk-in wardrobe planning

dressing gown rail frame jewelry necklaces

Trouser press

A typical feature of a boutique is the Nice, attractive clothing that is on display. Whether you want to arrange your day clothes, or just make your magnificent cocktail dress, the valet is the best choice for you.


While a jewel tray is suitable and great for most things, a person with long necklaces might need different types of jewellery storage. A fabulous way is to decorate your wardrobe by point to your favorite accessories and jewels.

Rural establishment – order system in dressing room

Zebra carpet dressing room chair large mirror chandelier shoes

Arranged, walk-in wardrobe – men’s clothes
suit outfit revealing wardrobe shelves woodwalk-in wardrobe plan attic dressing room

Built-in shelving and dress rail

walk-in wardrobe planning overhead carpet racks

Sliding glass doors separate the living from the dressing room

glass sliding doors walk-in wardrobe planning carpet Strip

Open, walk-in wardrobe – women’s dresses

walk-in wardrobe plan bright white constructions

Open wardrobe serves as a free-standing partition

dressing room free-standing partition wall shelves dress rail

Strict lines and shapes – dress rail

walk-in wardrobe planning men fashion white floor lamp

Upholstered furniture – seat for more comfort and chic

walk-in wardrobe planning sliding bench seat upholstered furniture

Properly arrange shoes and clothes

walk-in wardrobe planning shoes table lamp Dresser

Masculine, massive, open closets

masculine solid wood dark dressing room Lady shoes

Traditional dressing room – order system with style

walk-in wardrobe planning accessories ladies

Light blue painted furniture

stool leather pink rail blue Dresser drawers

The MS paradise

ladies dressing room shoes rack stools conveniently

Refined elegance in the dressing room

ceiling copper carpet round coffee table

Dramatic ambiance – bold device

dramatic Hollywood ambience dressing room carpets chandelier
Open shelves and closets

yellow seat shoes closet carpet mirror

Extensive dressing room in the bedroom

glass sliding doors dressing room bedroom closet

Compact and diligently organized

wood chest of drawers dressing room closet carpet

Antique elegance

classic dressing room set up design round stool

Chic women’s dresses at dress rail attached

hanger rail shelf closet accessible

Not only practical arrangement, but also an attractive eye-catcher

closet wall mirror frame ornaments shelves ceiling lamp

Cute atmosphere

small dressing room walk-in wardrobe mirror

Patterns, textures, colors – all in one

attic flower pattern wallpaper mural dressing room

Small room into a dressing room in the attic

attic shelf hanger dressing room set up open

Modern and warm – wood wall decoration

Minimalisisch simple elegant arrangement dresses ladies of Hydroslide

A really full dressing room

model cage lights Dresser drawers books

Exhibiting the most beautiful cocktail dress

model demonstrate cocktail dress next table candles flowers

Smooth, refined design

upholstery seat carpet round wardrobe dressing room

Variety of fabrics and fabrics

pop kind of walk-in closet materials tissue

Pull-out shelves and drawers work space

shelf rail chandelier Dresser carpet shirts suit

The most beautiful spring dresses show up and well arranged

pink fur stool square chandelier dressing room

Mono-chromatic setting up – straight lines

red carpet runner stool grey fur mirror dressing room

How in a vintage clothing business

rustic ambience dressing room Dresser old

You feel like a Hollywood star here?

shine shine oval wall mirror Dresser mirror doors

Antique daybed and remarkable ceiling lamp

rail clothes daybed pillows carpet Strip lights

Shoes and dresses cleverly arranged

boots walk-in wardrobe Chair classic shelves

Extravagance in black in the dressing room

black painted wardrobe stool related pattern white

Carpet runners with Chavron pattern

Chavron carpet pattern dressing room wardrobe rail

This pink carpet creates cute, feminine atmosphere

partition glass dressing room closet carpet pink feminine

Built-in open closets

wall mirror Golden frame shelves dressing room

Confined space flamboyantly decorated serves as a dressing room

white establishment walk open wardrobe chandelier

Expressive black

dressing gown rail Dresser carpet Monochromatisch

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