Wall Shelves – Hidden Minimalist Furniture

Wall shelves minimalistic colorful furniture

Unique Wall shelves, which disappear for all furniture

The furniture project as if from nowhere to German as out of nowhere by Orla Reynolds we are fascinated with the simplicity and ease of the pieces of furniture. You can see at the beginning only Wall shelves appear chairs and tables with colorful strokes and then in the blink of an eye. Magic or simply deliberate plan is that? Yes, when the designer Orla Reynolds each detail is very well-planned and nothing is random. She graduated from the Institute of technology in Dublin and then started with their project. Modularity is the key word.

The modular furniture in this case Wall shelves, four chairs and two tables are perfectly matched and therefore you are free to make or to organize but also extra seating for guests place capable of quickly and easily. Very comfortable, the furniture is how out of nowhere, if you have children or if the apartment is small. Then, you can see the great benefits of the modularity of the design. Also bring the colorful hues of the tables and chairs fresh look in the room. Orla Reynolds has other projects underway, that follow the same principle. It is firmly convinced that the modular furniture is the right decision for many people and that the demand will grow. Space-saving and minimalist, this furniture is a great addition to your interior. Look at the design and consider whether and how you can use such furniture at home. You can find more information and pictures on the official website of the designer.

Wall shelves with an unusual character

Wall shelves colorful furniture wall shelf

Quickly and easily the Chair is

shelving Red Chair blue seat cover

A few cushions and you’re done

Wall shelves cushions Chair

Tables and chairs remain perfectly hidden

Wall shelves white colorful furniture

All pieces of furniture have their specific place

wall racks table chairs colorful