Wine Racks With Individual Character For Real Wine Lovers

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Wine racks make according to customer requirements

The theme of “Wine storage” gives us no rest. Again, we would like to present a new way of storage of wine bottles. It is however not difficult to guess that we are passionate wine lovers and it is also in our interest to find out new and creative storage solutions. And we ask itself the question, if the truth is in wine, then where our wine bottles should be actually. And should they ever be or but? And so we have encountered the next storage option. Stay tuned and learn some interesting facts about wine storage…

The perfect wine rack wood

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What wine bottles should lying and which are kept standing?

A few people actually ask yourself this question, and perhaps that’s why the answer is not very widespread. This is an important detail but actually, if you want to properly store your wine bottles.

Lying down

So, these wine bottles are kept, which are and have been a storage time of about 1-2 years ahead with real cork closure.

Standing up

Wine bottles with Cork closure, but with storage time of less than 1-2 should be kept years standing, as well as bottles with plastic corks or screw cap.

BOON wine racks with matching bottle inserts

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Wine racking systems BOON

If we have clarified the position of the bottle, then we are ready to find the most appropriate storage space.

The wine cellar would of course be the best option, but of course not all wine lovers have one. And if you belong to this group of proud owners of wine cellar (that we honestly welcome below), then you should equip even your basement with matching wine shelves.

And all other Weinrtinker like us who dream only of a wine cellar, easy to make and the wine rack in another room, for example, in the living room or in the kitchen. You can benefit from this fact, because modern bottle rack can look very classy and can easily enroll in any interior.

Plan even your individual BOON wine rack

boon wine racks shelving wine rack wood

The BOON wine racks represent such an attractive storage option, which can be designed according to individual customer requirements. Whether as modular wine rack sideboard, open wall shelf or as a room divider, the BOON offers many stylish variants shelving system for wine storage, both for this and upcoming wine bottles.

We are actually even to plan the shelf perfect for us. Take the opportunity and make a great “home” for your valuable wine bottles!