Would Hammock Across The Alps Floating In An Outdoor

Highline meeting Festival outdoor hammock suspended Italian Alps

A new kind of extreme sports – in an outdoor hammock float, but in one hundred metres above sea level

“The International Highline Meeting” will be held in the Italian Alps in the vicinity of the mountain Monte Piana (2,324). This Festival is about different and very extreme, and is visited by people, the the trend sport Slackline drive. We are talking about balance and concentration. While you should not suffer but heights. Is this maybe something for you? Look at the lower photos themselves, which were shot by various photographers during the Festival.

In the Italian Alps, chill and relax

Highline meeting Festival outdoor hammocks Italian Alps extreme sports

Are also partial to an extreme sport? There are nine different types of Slacklines. Try first with the Lowlines. This type is not as dangerous as the belt in knee height above the ground is stretched.

Balance and self-control

Highline meeting outdoor hammocks Italian Alps

The aim of the Festival is to be close to nature, casual in a hammock to relax and have fun at the favorite sport. Here, you can drive even yoga, enjoy the delicious cuisine and the music, and converse with interesting new people. It sounds great, or?

Immediately consider the beauty of nature and relax

outdoor hammock Highline meeting Italian Alps Festival

Find more about the Festival participants

Hammocks in the great outdoors

hammocks Highline meeting extreme sports hammocks

One hundred meters above sea level in a hammock float

hammocks Highline meeting Festival

Middle of nature have fun

hammock Highline meeting Festival Alps

Extreme sports lovers

hammock Highline meeting Festival hammocks in the Alps

In an outdoor hammock float

outdoor hammock Highline meeting Festival in mid-air levitation

Fearless and secured with a rope, of course

outdoor hammocks Highline meeting extreme sports festival

Hammocks at different heights

outdoor hammock Italian Alps Highline meeting Festival

Free as the wind

outdoor hammock Highline meeting Festival outdoors

It’s all about the right balance

Highline meeting Festival Italian Alps hammocks extreme sports types

Slackliners are called the enthusiasts who play these sports

outdoor hammock Highline meeting Italian Alps Festival extreme sports hammocks

Sports or relax in a hammock in the air

outdoor hammock Highline meeting Festival Alpine extreme sports video

Like birds on the wire

outdoor hammocks Highline meeting extreme sports

Images by:

Sebastian Wahlhuetter, Flo t Bonham, Giordano Garosio, Devon MOHAI