7 The Best Roof Box For Your Vehicle, That Are On The Market

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roof box car modern design

Find the perfect roof box for your car!

It is finally ready, the holidays are here and are available in the travel stress and wonder, again, where you all are to bring these things. Will the trunk of this time be enough? Will everything at the first corner drop again? To make it quieter and above all attractive, you get a practical box of the new generation. This will finally put an end to the chaos with their luggage and save valuable storage space.

If you have a roof rack, then you have almost everything you need for the installation of a roof box. At the choice of the roof box you should consider in any case what has your luggage, as well as the size of your car. Would you certainly not a roof box, which rises above the roof, and prevents your vision, or? In addition, you should consider whether you need a bike carrier, to meet the additional devices for this. We wanted to make it easier for you and be present 7 of the best roof box on the market today.

Inno rack shadow

Inno Rack Shadow box car

A silent partner: Side by side, this is an elegant roof box, which looks especially chic on higher vehicles. His slender body with its matte Polish and its sleek look keeps wind resistance to minimum and ensures storage 0.5 m3 anyway. The roof box closes close thanks to a lock button system and triple locking front, in the middle and rear. It is the simplest variation of all roof boxes that we have seen. Except that she has very deep Cross and if you rush at a speed in the three digit range, the roof box is remain quiet.

Price: 450 EUR

Inno Ridge

Inno Ridge roof box car

Small sausages: You need to prove anything on the highway, you are totally happy with your small hybrid car. You lack a little more storage space. Then, Inno Ridge is the perfect roof box for you. It is specially designed for smaller vehicles. Its casing is made of three-layer ABS plastic for a stable feel and is a o, 25 m3 of storage space. Inno Ridge fits almost all cross-beams. Although the lock is quite decent, she can’t stop a determined thief. In addition, this roof box is not perfectly waterproof.

Price: 295 EUR

Rhino rack master fit

Rhino Rack roof box car master fit

Easy Rider: Master fit features a fast clamping system and is very easy to assemble. With him they have more than 0.5 m3 storage – evenly and long. This box can be opened from all sides and has a multiple central locking for safety. Thanks to the federigen ABS material may he made very quickly and easily on it or putting it away. He can withstand rain, sleet and snow.

Price: 571 EUR

SprotRack Vista XL

roof box car sport rack Vista XL

Smart purchase: The problem with roof suitcases is that they are costly for storing luggage. SportRack has managed to offer you a low-cost solution that at the same time embodies a perfect, smooth design. The XL is made of ABS material that radiation resists UV and opens from the back. So are you never must stop in traffic, while you recharge it. This roof box is completely waterproof and offers more than 0.5 m3 place. So you have sufficient storage space for your tent, camping mats and other items of your choice. With its light weight and smarter application SportRack by one person can be mounted or removed.

Price: 227 EUR

Thule pulse

Thule roof box car pulse

For lowered cars: There are three models of the pulse line of Thule – starting from 0.3 m3 up to 0,5 m3. The profile is so deep lying as possible and prevent the disappearance of precious storage space in this way. It also reduces the air resistance and is relatively silent. Easy to use snap buttons that fit all cross-beams, facilitate the disassembling of the roof box.

Price: 355 EUR

Thule Sonic XXL

roof box car Thule Sonic XXL

Size is important: If you ski together with a decent bag would pack up their Cross-Country dog food is only one way and that of 0.62 m3 large Sonic XXL Thule. Despite its enormous capacity, the AeroNose design provides excellent aerodynamics and allows you without problems even at higher speed without looking like the Ark of the Covenant. The AcuTight mounting makes an audible click when it is properly secured. The box can be opened from both sides.

Price: 635 EUR

Yakima skybox Pro

roof box car Yakima Skybox Pro

Multifunctional: Starting with 0.4 m3 and up to 0.6 m3 storage room ranging the SkyBox by Yakima simply suits every need. The company has also a special version LoPro manufactured for larger cars, should fit in a garage in. Our favorite is Pro 16, which has about 0.5 m3 . The whole body is reinforced and has a refined shape, which makes for perfect aerodynamics. This model is very easy to open from all sides. An integrated SKS lock makes it almost impossible theft.

Price: 435 EUR

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