A Bit Budget – 3 Innovative Household Helpers For Your Smart Home

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Her smart home – 3 innovative household helpers to recommend

We tend to don’t you are always connected and smarter, every day? It is hardly an area where we get along without the new technologies. Self to do a little budget, you need innovative inventions which are available in the form of intelligent gadgets, appliances and even robots already on the market. The term “smart home” long a foreign Word is more. The intelligent home has established itself in many standard and WINS all the time more and more supporters. And although the privacy and security of vital importance in this context, in particular of the price and the technology level play a more important role for the consumer. The relatively young smart home industry grows continuously. Not only the electronics manufacturer itself, but also telecommunications companies, artisans, architects, and Internet companies are involved. A vast network that works effectively and continuously together and produces new innovations.

Do a little budget to smarter way

a little household smart home appliances gadgets

We have researched and smart appliances for you found 3 that will help you in any case, faster and above all more pleasant to do the little household.

The smart Hom-bot square

We first provide the LG floor cleaning BOT – the smart Hom-bot square.

This intelligent household helper has an enviable ability to clean technology, perfectly even in the hidden corners of rooms, thanks to the corner-master. It is light, small and very mobile. You can easily control it via Smartphone no matter where you are in this time.

Smart Hom-bot square

household smart hom a little bot square lg appliances

a little household smart hom offered innovative technology square lg model

a little household smart hom square lg technology offered household robots

Ibis window cleaning robot

But not just your floor can be smart to clean, you can make clean also the window and the bathroom tiles quite easy, for example, with the help of the Samba of window cleaning robot. Although this budget is not so perfect in design, he creates his plaster work excellent. He is not exactly cheap and 900 grams, it’s pretty amazing that he remains close to the window. It is true! See for yourself:

a bit glossy ibis of window cleaning robot household helpers household

a little household window cleaning robot of smart household helpers Ibis

a little household window cleaning robot smart home of household helpers Ibis

a little household window cleaning bathroom tiles clean smart home household helpers

JIBO – the family Manager

The inventor of JIBO is Dr. Cynthia Breazeal. She has managed to create a social robot that can directly handle the budget, but acts as a family Manager in everyday life. He can recognize faces, hear, communicate, learn and much more…

Get to know JIBO!

a little household jibo family robot manager innovative technology

a little household jibo family robot smart Cook

a little household jibo family socially innovative Robotics

Due to its properties and cute design, JIBO quickly wins the hearts of his owners and participating more and more in living together. Watch the following video to get a better overview.

We can not hide it, that our undisputed favorite of JIBO is. We are thrilled that you can take a human approach even with technology and can make the artificial intellect very social.

Look at again everything alone and think about what household helper for you would be the best!

a little household appliances home networked smart innovative technologies

a bit smart home app mobile of tablet technology household

a little household smart home smart technologies

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