Apple Watch Facilitates The Everyday Life

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How does the Apple watch?

The first portable Apple device replaces all the equipment we need for the various notifications by sending messages, update Facebook and other applications easier. And you can keep all of this on your wrist or in your pocket. Other applications include health, calendar, weather, emails, photos, to write book and even Apple maps for navigation iNachrichten.

Multiple applications

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The smart watch offers everything that you want to include a modern, portable device still probe for your health condition and as a whole.

Sure, your Smartphone has the fitness applications, but not always wear it with him, especially when you play sports. The Apple watch is perfectly suitable for your daily workout.

Blue Ribbon plastic

Apple watch Smartphone apps blue


The Watch has a rectangular screen, a button and a single button. It is available in two sizes: 38mm (1.5in) and 42mm (1 65in). Both are slightly smaller than the whole Pebble Steel dimensions watch, the 46 mm (1.8in). The screen is surrounded by metal alloys, which are made of stainless steel and aluminium. According to the company, it can withstand physical stress.

Time and weather report

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For an elegant look, the limited series of “Apple Watch Edition” shows us a mixture of 18-karat yellow and rose gold.  The textures are following stainless steel, silver aluminium, black stainless steel, grey aluminium, 18-karat yellow gold and pink gold.

Digital Crown

The screen of Apple Watch not so charming looks like this Moto 360, but he has a circular button as “digital Crown”.

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Various designs Apple Smartphone watch apps ideas

iPhone and iWatch

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Luxury design for men Apple watch Smartphone apps jewelry

Clock mechanisms

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Weird as always

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A button

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Elegant and stylish

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