Brick Barbecue – Do It Yourself Building?

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Masonry BBQ – so you can build a brick barbecue itself

Summer is already here and many people think like on your favorite activity outdoors, barbecues in the garden! The majority of people are just crazy after this experience in all aspects of its life. You like the smell, you like the mood in the family and among friends, that appears with it easily.

Everything is more fun, if you built your grill yourself, don’t you find?

barbecue itself building DIY garden ideas

Build the barbecue itself

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Appropriate place for the grill

Before installing the grill yourself, you should find the right place to do so first. At best, this should be in close proximity to your home. Ultimately you need to go the whole time products and carry. Also, don’t forget to align the system appropriately in terms of the wind. The questions, which would be important in this context are mainly the following:

Where do you want the smell?

Should the burning material be on which side? Because you must insulate Yes this, so that the fire but not there. Basically, the removal of trees and grass is also highly recommended to guarantee the security of all people.

Prepare delicious food on themselves built barbecue in the garden

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In what form you want to build the barbecue?

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Prepare the base

Start now to prepare the base for the installation of the fireplace. First, you would have to dig the surface about 10 cm. Then lay out the wooden beams. This would have to be 15 cm thick the. Make a concrete mixture with water and cement. A layer of approx. 8 cm must be. A small gutter need to go in the middle of this. After this stage, you would have to now to be patient and wait for another 48 hours, until you go on with the rest of the project.


The next level where you need to go over brick Grill himself making, is the design. Firstly, the amount must be determined. Best, this should be between 70 cm and 1 m. The heater should be located 10 to 12 centimeters below. Some projects involve several stages in which you put in the necessary tools.

Brick barbecue – want one even in your garden?

brick Grill Barbecue building DIY ideas garden design garden ideas

Step by step

Now, build the brick Grill itself step by step. Place two layers of bricks without now edit them in any form. You must lie correctly on the concrete surface. Note: in a way you can understand where the bricks should range.

Dry brick should be sprayed with water before they are permanently attached. Specialists recommend that this is done even one day before the construction process. So the tiles get their moisture, but the surface will be dry.

At the beginning make a plan

brick Grill Barbecue itself building DIY ideas garden

Now you need mortar. You can make this actually itself. For this purpose, you mix best hydroxyl lime, Portland cement and coarse sand. Add enough water. The mixture should have the consistency of density of mucus.

Place the first layer of bricks and ensure that boils down the mortar does not have the limits intended by you. Fill the gaps between the tiles with a part of the mix. In the end, you should get a healthy and solid base.

Purchase the necessary tools

brick Grill Barbecue itself building brick mortar DIY ideas

Now, continue the same principle with the grill itself building.

After setting each tile should be pressed with a heavy object on it

brick Grill Barbecue itself building DIY

Now remove the excess mixture of the bricks.

For all 3-4 series should make sure that the tiles are straight and see to that the walls stand straight. This stage can also be used to work on the welding elements. This is done in horizontal or vertical order. So you help that permeates the mortar in the holes of the bricks. The grill yourself build looks too just much more attractive at the end of the day.

Arrange the tiles

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Put some metal bars between the different rows of brick. The design of the grill and its height must be perfectly adapted. You support not only the barbecue set, but also provide a very attractive appearance.

Cutting of the tiles

We advise you from the beginning of a model from the grill to the himself to seek out, which requires a minimum force in the final build of build. But no matter how well you meet this requirement, you can certainly not completely avoid brick-cutting of the need. If it only involves one or two pieces, you can risk some mechanical methods. Otherwise, you use the best an electric trimmer.

To make the final series, made of solid bricks. Afterwards, pull back and enjoy the new grill area!

We wish you also a splendid summer and many pleasant hours with your own brick BBQ outdoor!

The walled garden Grill stylish design and combine it with the fireplace

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Combine garden fireplace and barbecue

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Build yourself a functional garden Grill

brick barbecue garden building steps

Make a good plan before you begin working

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