Cell Phone Cover – Art And Nature In A

Do you need a new cell phone cover?

Smartphones and tablets are no longer indispensable for quite some time from our daily lives. With all advantages and disadvantages these electronic tools have felt, as we have known it, permanently changed our lives. Interpersonal communication and the flow of information available today on a revolutionary stand and are often uncontrollable. And despite the harmful radiation and mobile neck syndrome, we love our cell phones so much. It is also self-evident that the then put much value most of us, as her cell phone looks and is convenient to handle it. There simply is no doubt more that smartphones are among the most important accessories for many of us. Therefore, it is no surprise that the market has established a huge segment just for mobile phones accessories. And it is actually booming. In all specialised shops in major department stores or online, you will find an unlimited choice of Smartphone accessories. The mobile are especially popular with protective covers. These are not only useful, by protecting your phone from scratches and bumps, but also an additional decorative role to play.

Cell phone cover and summer flowers

mobile protective cover flowers Daisy daisies herbaria

A phone is basically not expensive and easy to change cover. Particularly teenagers and trend-conscious people wont get it, to have not only a protective case, but several. They can decorate their mobile suit your mood and make it a part of the outfit. Probably you have seen cover very many different designs and models from a mobile phone and maybe you have more than one with him at home.

We are convinced, however, that most of you have seen as a unique cover for the Smartphone like this here by House of Blings Etsy Shop.

Floral delicacy on the Smartphone

mobile cover Chamomile Meadow Flowers herbaria

We came across this, as we were looking for fancy cell phone accessories. It was like love at first sight! You can’t explain it, but you just feel it. It – was the right phone cover. What’s so special and unique about it? The flowers! The transparent covers are equipped with delicate herbaria. Everything was skillfully made by hand and created with attention to detail and to the nature. The chic Slipcovers are online to order and fit to almost all mobile phone brands and models.

But enough talk! Convince yourself of it! Enjoy the wonder and select!

The summer can come!

mobile cover herbaria purple flowers summer flowers

Some flowers are shaped to delicate sapling

mobile cover tree flowers pink flowers

Especially this look great on a white surface

mobile cover tree flowers pink flowers samsung galaxy herbaria

mobile cover tree flowers summer flowers herbaria

You can choose between different colors and shapes

cell phone protective cover flowers trees white sheep sheaf herbaria

mobile protective cover flowers tree orange flowers herbaria

A cheerful summer mix

Mobile smartphone summer flowers flowers herbaria

But springtime cherry blossoms?

mobile protective cover flowers cherry blossoms of branches of spring herbaria

Daisy and Yarrow – simply the classic

cell phone protective cover flowers harbarien Daisy

Find your Favorites!

protective cover flowers of herbaria flowers

How about some flowers in purple?

cell phone protective cover flowers summer flowers purple herbaria

Or do you prefer it but something more colorful?

smartphone protective cover flowers trend spring flowers summer