Electric Car – Innovative Design And Optimum Sustainability In A

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electric car charging station solar energy

Electric car: the Norwegian experience

The electric car is an interdisciplinary topic. It is popular because of the environmental performance and the chic design. At the same time, it is too expensive. In some countries, purchasing an electric car is therefore encouraged by the State.

Eric Johnson narrated in his work on the Norwegian experience in this area.

20 percent of new purchases

Still, the electric cars make up only 2% of the cars on the roads of the country. This will then turn to good but probably soon. 20% of the newly sold cars in 2015 are this type. This has to do with specific policies of the State.

With a purchase of electric cars save to 16 000 euros of taxes and fees

electric power sustainable innovation

Electric cars make up an important part of the strategy to the drastic reduction of harmful gases in the country by 2030.

Should the world follow Norwegian’s example?

The answer appears obvious. Most new cars are sold in China, Japan, the EU and the United States. These countries and the Union have become major targets for reductions in amounts of carbon in the air. You are with the possibilities of cars, which run on petrol and diesel, cannot be achieved.

Benefit from the new renewable energies

electric car power eco-friendly solar panels

An economical investment to be supported by the State

The initial investment is too large for an electric car. After that, the costs are much lower than with the traditional varieties. For this reason, a Government help like this, which is available in Norway, is exactly right.

It also just help that potential buyers are better informed. So, they are able to take an independent stock and to find out that an electric car in the long run is the better investment.

A view from the inside

electric vehicle power battery technology

The electric car can contribute to sustainable economic development

So that increases the production of electric cars, you must engage many new companies abroad. This would necessarily promote international economic cooperation and the development of the economy as such.

Worldwide, many new jobs in an environmentally-friendly area is open this

electric vehicle power charger

We should let the illusions still to the side

Despite all the good prospects, we should be guided not by illusions. Also Eric Johnson in his article “It won ´ t be easy” (it won’t be easy) writes. The main problem is the competition. The hybrid cars are much more practical, because they are first of all cheaper and second, need no recharging.

The Norwegian State is willing to provide all the necessary conditions for the successful implementation of electric cars. Are also environmentally conscious but other Governments?

Sustainability and maximum speed in a

electric car technology innovative quick

The recharging of electric cars is always easier and faster

electric car power battery charger environmentally friendly

Innovation and good conscience at the same time

electric car electricity solar energy sustainable

Nature will thank you

electric car electricity solar energy renewable energy sources

Power rather than fuel

electric car electricity solar energy sustainable

Power charging stations are commonplace in many cities

electric power tank stations

A sophisticated range of VW

electric car electricity Volkswagen futuristic design

Apple wants to 2019 a fully automatic electric car market

electric Apple design project

Toyota and a tribute to the 60s

electric car Toyota me we model retro design

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