How About An Electric Car?

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electric car charging station solar car models with power

The time is right for electric cars

In some few minds the image of a small panel van wandering around on the subject of electric car, which is not suitable for long distances or even trips with the family. But the picture is long outdated and electric automobiles have become suitable for everyday use. Early January 2015 motor drove Federal Office according to the already over 126.000 of electric and hybrid cars on German roads. Although this is only a small percentage compared to the nearly 44 million diesel and petrol vehicles, but the trend is growing.

the time is ripe for electric vehicles

The future belongs to the electric car

With the model S Tesla Motors, electric cars have become really appealing. The low range, which previously opposed the purchase of an electric car, belongs to inter alia by Tesla Motors of the past. Already 2017, these vehicles will have a range of up to 1000 kilometers. More and more people opt to purchase their cars for sale and a Tesla model. While 2012 2,650 cars were bought, there were 2014 already 35,000 vehicles.

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Attractive especially for big cities: the affordable smart fortwo electric drive. The eco-friendliness of the agile car confirms also the car-environmental certification with the eco TREND. Top marks on all lines!

the time is ripe Fürs electric car smart

Porsche is already several hybrid models. At the IAA in Frankfurt, the VW, car manufacturers introduced its first electric-powered sports car. Four single seats, 600 HP, 500 km range and a charging time of 15 minutes are available for the progress in terms of electric vehicles. Porsche has not betrayed but yet, when there is the Porsche mission to buy E.

electric car charging station solar Porshe car models

So far, there are only relatively few charging stations. Around 3000 units face against nearly 15,000 ordinary service stations. Apps and petrol station locator on the Internet help find after a charging station for the time being, but the expansion including financial support by the European Union is already in planning.

electric car charging station solar Weltschonend

Although the cost for electric cars are generally higher than for petrol or diesel-powered vehicles, low maintenance costs, benefits in the insurance premium and the good environmental performance but again waive this factor. Who buys an electric car in the year 2015, is free for ten years by the car tax. Worth buying an E motor home? With the car value calculator the price of the current used vehicle can be determined and serve as a basis for funding for the new car.

electric car buying is like

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