Inexpensive, Innovative And Just Perfect – The New Google Nexus 6

Editor   September 9, 2015   Comments Off on Inexpensive, Innovative And Just Perfect – The New Google Nexus 6

Google nexus 6 innovation design

Innovation at a cheaper price by Motorola

Google currently has a lower price than ever before nexus 6. You really pay little, given the fact that you have GB on a 32. Even the 15 cm display comes to the great innovative tools. This was very well even at the most critical reviewers.

Nexus 6 is still the only phone which works well with the project FI program is on the Google. Thus, you achieve much faster Wi-Fi. You are automatically associated with the fastest available connection in contact.

Elegant profile and latest technology

Google nexus 6 cheap new technology

Why is the price so low?

Let us be a little but critical. Why is the price of Google nexus so low. This is with the launching of models of the same brand, but a next-generation.

Expect a smaller nexus, which is made by LG. There is also a newer and bigger, which is offered by Huawei.

That would be the third time in which Google, a partnership has signed with LG phone for nexus. The cooperation with Huawei, however, is an absolute novelty.

Protect your nexus in a refined manner

Motorola nexus 6 innovation transparent envelope

About the new model

It can be determined exactly how much the new Google model would cost nexus. The market also gives us more confusing instructions. The new Samsung’s new Galaxy rated 5 and Galaxy S6 edge + are much more expensive than Apple’s iPhone 6. Yet many Android manufacturers have brought cheaper models on the market. This has to do with the influence of Chinese manufacturers such as OnePlus certainly.

Google nexus in black or white – the classic

Motorola nexus 6 perfect design black white

The trust-based business partner of Motorola

Google nexus 6 innovation business

Much thinner and lighter than previous models

Motorola nexus 6 innovation thin light

Start the day with Google nexus 6

Google nexus 6 elegant design

Choose your favorite color!

Motorola Google nexus 6 innovation colors diversity

The trendy Smartphone is equipped with a professional camera

Motorola nexus 6 innovation camera images

Sharp, vibrant images provide the kick of each photo fanatic

Motorola Google nexus 6 innovation Motorola professional camera

For those who like it even more elegant

Motorola Google nexus 6 innovation Motorola silver

Of course you can also opt for the timeless white

Google nexus 6 innovation technology design

Or for the strong, masculine black

Motorola Google nexus 6 LG new model

Reward yourself with a great, innovative gift!

Google nexus 6 new design modern technology

The comparison with the Google nexus 5

Motorola Google nexus 6 innovation 5

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