IPhone Screen Repair Or Better Protection Through The GLAZ-liquid

Editor   March 15, 2016   Comments Off on IPhone Screen Repair Or Better Protection Through The GLAZ-liquid

The iPhone screen repair and what protects against scratches

The joy of the new smartphone model, especially if it’s from Apple, can not be described simply. Finally, hold it in your hands and marvel at the lace design, comfort and performance.  The high price is equal to the legendary quality, not to surpass the ist…Aber what happens actually if your popular and valuable iPhone reaches the pants or jacket pocket? Where, except for coins and keys too much dust collects itself? Similar and even worse it looks for the iPhone in a bag lady. There you will find dangerous hair clips, pins, individual coins, which can be destructive for the iPhone display. Not to mention the always difficult and keychains that can leave ugly marks on your iPhone. An iPhone screen repair will be not cheap and it should not comment prefer the time.

Innovative avoid repair, iPhone screen

iPhone screen repair GLAZ packaging

Don’t panic! Fortunately, experts work constantly on improving our quality of life, now the iPhone also belongs. The GLAZ-liquid protection is the innovative solution that your iPhone display or save iPad before signs of wear. We have also tested the GLAZ-liquid and were impressed by the packaging design for the first time.

Simple, elegant and appealing acts the GLAZ packaging containing liquid protection for 3 devices (iPhone, your iPad and your AppleWatch).

Simple, elegant and communicative

iPhone screen repair GLAZ packaging 5

First aid kit for the iPhone

iPhone screen repair GLAZ packaging 2

Follow instructions for use

iPhone screen repair GLAZ packaging 4

There is one packet per device that contains 3 small bags: – In the first we see alcohol soaked cloth, zweiten-1 Microfiber cloth, and the third is the actual liquid that protects our display perfectly from scratches.

GLAZ-liquid protect what you loveiPhone screen repair GLAZ packaging 3

Carefully apply and allow to dry

iPhone screen repair GLAZ packaging 6

They are also used in the order in which we presented the component. First you clean your iPhone with alcohol, then wipe it thoroughly. Finally, you distribute the protective liquid through the iPhone interface. The function of fine Electronics is not affected thereby. The protective liquid is to be distributed evenly and where the greatest challenge for an Apple user comes in:

After applying the means of protection, let dry 12-30 hours for the iPhone. The heißt-no Facebook, no Twitter! But who wants to have iPhone display without scratches, just must take this deprivation!

Be a year-long carefree

iPhone screen repair GLAZ packaging 7

You want to test also the iPhone display protection and benefit from his skills?

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