Keep Informed 5 Gadgets For Windows 7, You Have The Whole System

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gadgets for Windows 7 applications setting user

The 5 best gadgets for Windows 7

For many users to get instant, up-to-date information about the system, means having a well-functioning acceptance environment. The gadgets for Windows 7 might be the right answer.

Apart from the fact that Microsoft support has managed gadgets for desktop, they are a spontaneous snapshot of your system and system resources is still a useful way. Some would argue it if Microsoft the system no longer supported – why worry?There are Windows 7 gadgets that still work and keep continually informed about the system upgrade.

We have found 5 gadgets that give information, which leaves the usual Windows. Don’t forget that these gadgets take up resources. As well as for everything else on your Windows 7 Desktop do for memory make. See further if the following desktop give gadgets, more information about it.

1 Margu notebook info 2

gadgets for Windows 7 Margu information laptop

It provides much information about the laptop / notebook specifications. This gadgets you will have real time updates for: user ID, Wi-Fi and LAN interfaces, Internet, multi core usage, clock/calendar, main processor, battery, production time and disk usage. You can also add / remove any information, and even their exhibition change. Margu will automatically check the new updates. This device offers all at once.

2. Xirrus Wi-Fi monitor gadget

gadgets for Windows 7 applications network

This device gives the necessary information over the wireless LAN in the vicinity. You can see even the data transfer rate, signal strength, local networking, current Internet Protocol address. You can configure the deck force. When you click on one of the wireless transmission system, so you will be informed about the available networks.

3. network meter gadget

gadgets for Windows 7 applications m drives

This is one of the best wireless data traffic monitor. At a glance, you get over information: SSID, internal and external IP addresses, speed test, firewallchange status, security status, signal, upload / download. Name of the network connection, the name of the adapter, maximum speed, MAC address. On the configuration screen, you can set such options: display options, color schemes, and more.

4. drives meter

gadgets for Windows 7 applications system information

Thanks to drives, you catch a glimpse of the State meters of your drivers and also set warning of low disk space.

5. system informationgadgets for Windows 7 applications system General

This system is a kind of everything in a gadget that will display information about the following: operating system, production time, CPU, memory, hard drives, network drives, CD/DVD, battery and network.

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