Morgan Aero 8 – The Latest For 2015 By The Exclusive Brand Of Car

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automaker Morgan Aero 8 Fotor collage

The legendary British automaker Morgan presents the Aero 8

The iconic car manufacturer Morgan has produced many exclusive cars and still since 1910, the family-owned. Today we present you the latest news from the famous British car brand – the Aero 8.

The fifth-generation Aero delivers premium vintage style in form of convertibles with many improvements, including new handmade chassis made of aluminum, upgraded suspension, upgraded front page, anti-roll, perfect aerodynamics and even much better air conditioning. Under the bonnet hides a 4.8L V8 from BMW, which contains 367 horsepower and a 0-62 run for 4.5 seconds hopes with top speed of 270 km/h 6-speed-manual transmission and 6-speed automatic are the possible options. The new Morgan Aero 8 can replace the two with security already existing Aero SuperSports and Coupé.

Stunning and elegant – the new Aero 8

car brand Morgan Aero 8

Driving without hood is back in! This gives the opportunity to be a part of the environment and to be not only viewers all convertible lovers. Of course, the Aero 8 also with hard top is available that quickly turns the car into a Coupé. The experience of travellers was the design process in advance. New compilations on the dashboard, precious wood, textured woven carpets and fine leather cladding embellish the luxurious interior. The extensive options include touch screen media systems, low-slung carbon seats and customized service programs. No matter where you’re traveling with this smooth Sport touring, exclusivity is guaranteed.

The styling of the new Aero 8 was inspired by the classical prototype cars from the 60s years. Seen from above, the whole thing is reminiscent of a boat deck, and strengthens the spirit of adventure and escapism. Morgan fits every single car on the personal vision of the customer. In this way by the infinite combinations of colours, leather and detailed accessories will each Aero 8 to a unique experience.

Supple profile and curved lines

automaker Morgan Aero profile Navy Blue

The logo of the legendary automaker

automaker Morgan Aero logo

On the way to new adventures

car Morgan Aero 2015

Luxury and flexibility in one

automaker Morgan Aero exclusive design

Soft leather and fine wood

dare Morgan Aero equipment modern retro

Retro styling at the highest level

automaker Morgan Aero leather retro

Instrument panel like in the 60s

Morgan Aero cars speedometer round

Emerald beauty

dare Morgan Aero metallic green

A classic light blue

dare Morgan Aero metallic light blue Convertible

Perfect aerodynamics in metallic grey

dare Morgan Aero nature

Bold and fresh orange

automaker Morgan Aero orange

A remarkable car history

automaker Morgan Aero Retro car

Passionate in red

automaker Morgan Aero red

Unique elegance in black

automaker Morgan Aero black

British opulence pur

automaker Morgan Aero Silver gloss

The Morgan Aero 8 as race car

car brand Morgan Aero sports car

Unlimited freedom and mobility

automaker Morgan Aero speed

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