Printed Pens And Present As A Promotional Or Gift

In many business sectors it is already for years common and even mandatory, to present to the customers or business partners promotional products as a gift. The advertising pen are real classics for this purpose. These are regarded as means of communication and their handing-over has become such as exchanging business cards.

The idea for this pen arose already in 1940, but only in 1950, it was realized and made market thanks to Marcel Bich from the company BIC. So, the tradition of printing on pens, looks back on a long history.

The advertising pen simply belong in any company’s advertising portfolio. They are as exclusive advertising presence, both as a giveaway items. They have established themselves as printed promotional products in any industry.

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The advantages of print of ballpoint pens

The printed as promotional pens are ideal as gifts for your customers. The variety of products, colors, designs and materials allows you to choose exactly the right model for your company. A further and more important advantage is the relatively large selection of articles from various price segments. But the most important thing, and the real reason for these promotional items are the high benefits, write performance and the direct, long-term impact on the customers.

So, you put your company logo perfectly in scene. On you will find a large selection of ballpoint pen models, colours and printing options after order. You have developed even a product designer, giving you the opportunity to create the design itself. Otherwise, you get help and expert advice from the printing experts.

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Printing and font positioning

The pen without an individualized print loses its effect. Above all the screen – and pad printing used in the promotional products industry. Thus, you can print each desired item. Digital printing allows a greater scope and can finish something the advertising pen. Here are no limits – labels, patterns and even photo-realistic prints are possible.

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For your long-term and specific customers you can pen at HACH, even a high-quality one of a kind or a Senator with the Senator HD make unique pressure. In this process, to use a special lacquer to protect the high-quality optics.

If you want to side, front, on the stem below or above place your company logo or your advertising message or depict something on the clip, everything is possible with the printing process.

We would still give you a tip. For the upcoming Valentine’s day, each of us can benefit from this idea. With a ballpoint pen, a Cup, individualized a bag or whatever else you like, surprise your loved ones and make them happy.

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