Recycling Office Chair From Second-hand Motor Scooter Parts

Hipster Office Chair – cool recycling idea for real connoisseurs

The legendary Vespa® scooter becomes an ergonomic office chair. The classic of Piaggio, which has caused a sensation in the 80s, gets a very different appeal here. The original idea of recycling is a Studio workshop in Barcelona, specialists of BEL & BEL. It was named after its founders Carles Bel and Jesus Bel. Old scooter parts are carefully hand and with a lot of passion and creativity cobbled together and transforms into unique seating furniture. BV-14 is a limited edition for true connoisseurs. And if the hipster in the motor scooters Vespa, then is so a Vespa Chair of the hipster in the Office furniture. Cool shiny surface just stunning in bright red, Orange, light blue, white and gray! Each Chair features a hydraulic piston, which allows the desired height of the seat can be achieved. The inside consists of artificial leather of the highest quality in cream, beige and black, that feels not only smooth, but is also durable and looks quite sophisticated.

Ergonomic Office Chair by BEL & BEL in light blue

office chair-vespa motor scooter motorrteile recycling

The specific silhouette of the scooter and even the brake lights have been preserved. In this way, each individual Office Chair gets its own special aura of authentic and unique character. The Chair weighs about 20 kg and is actually available in all colours on request. Exactly 60 cm wide, 120 cm high and 70 cm deep, he is a real must have.

Especially retro fans or young-at-heart adventurers who spend lots of time but also in the Office, are in good hands with an Office Chair. We have to warn you anyway: there is a wholly owned colleagues envy danger! It is not a surprise. The piece is a real eye-catcher. A copy is available even in the Museum of Piaggio in Italy.

Piaggio gets his second chance classics

Office Chair-orange recycling ideas vespa old scooter office furniture

If you so want to purchase so unique that you should hurry in any case. The investment is worthwhile in any case! Yes, it’s not a bargain. It’s here but also not an ordinary office chair, but an extraordinary piece that gives you when working extra dose will provide uniqueness and brand recognition.

A showpiece for real retro fans

office chair red vespa motor scooters share recycling

Or do you prefer it in blue?

diy recycling of Office Chair office furniture of white ideas sustainable furniture

recycling of Office Chair office furniture ergonomic / share

Office Chair recycling ideas office furniture office vespa motorcycle share

Very elegant looks of the Vespa Chair in light grey

Office Chair recycling ideas scooter used office office furniture

And why not in snow white?

Office Chair recycled vespa scooter share White leather chair black

Office Chair white vespa motor scooters share indicator lights recycling ideas

The pride of Piaggio in Orange

Office Chair-orange recycling ideas old vespa motor scooter

No simple choice, isn’t it?

vespa Chair recycling ideas red blue black

Professionalism and passion in one

Office Chair ideas share diy old scooter

The proud artisans and their original creation

office furniture share old vespa Chair scooter