Sewing Machine Shop: What Should You This Note?

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What must you need to look out for when buying a sewing machine?

So many women want better results at their favorite hobby — sewing. Much is related to the talent and the skill. It’s but the success also for a sewing machine you’ve got exactly.

Different types of sewing machines.

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Sewing machines and accessories

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The charm of antique sewing machines

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Mechanical sewing machine

These are the older models, which we know from the previous decades of the last century. You will be taken through hands and feet in mechanical movement. Today, it makes no great sense to waste time with such sewing machines. There are much more modern and more comfortable models. The purchasing of mechanical sewing machine only makes sense, if you want to love the old design and purchase. Or maybe see this as an opportunity, in a way similar to look like your grandma?

An old sewing machine as a chic accessory

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Electromechanical sewing machine

If you want to buy a modern and fully functional sewing machine, she must be just electronic. There are some that are half electronic. You have a pedal. When on it, you determine the speed with which you sew.

The fully automated models have a start/stop button, which you can find on the sewing machine and make up.

A modern and fully functional sewing machine

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The latest models

If you want to buy a very modern sewing machine, then they must have a microchip. He makes the sewing process can be controlled via a PC. These sewing machines cost much more than the others. But it is ultimately worth to have one, if you want to produce things like custom made. The new models of electronic sewing machines can do so many different welding and decorative stitching. You can give all that is made of fabric, with a little creativity a very own character.

Working in a sewing factory

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Industrial sewing machine singer

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The boat: The heart of the sewing machine

If you would look for an equivalent of the heart at the sewing machine, then it is the shuttle. There are two main types of such: you have swinging or rotating hook. The second group is divided into further two subgroups: those with vertical and horizontal hook.

Coil for an industrial sewing machine

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Most of the contemporary models in the medium price range usually have a little boat with a rotating hook. Those are ideal for the average user.

The highest class of sewing machines has a horizontal hook.

The sewing machines with the bobbing hook are cheapest and hardest to use.

Rotating lower coil and hook

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The functions

After you have decided for a specific group of models according to the general criteria, should now go into detail. Modern sewing machines offer many features. You determine the price with. The functions are usually the sort of thing you can save.

Sewing made easy

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Realistic look at the opportunity! How many different types of welding seam need in reality? Spend no money for something, what you are not using. If you find after a few years that they have become really professional, you can buy a new sewing machine. You can resell then the old certainly in stores or online.

Make a well informed choice and make a really creative time for you from the next winter!

Sewing machine with foot drive

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How it works…

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Looks like a shoe sewing machine

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There are also special sewing machines for leather

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