Smart And Easy Mobile Recharge

Have charge already tired of the clutter in the mobile? Then you should just switch to Wireless charging. The good news is that there are many opportunities available. The principle is quite simple, and you know it already from the induction stove. The electrical energy flows but here between the two coils located in the charging cradle and once on the back of the Smartphone. You need to put only your phone on the charger and you’re done. This innovative charging technology has evolved greatly in recent times and large companies such as Starbucks, for example have started to integrate this directly into tables and chairs. So, you can easily and quickly with a fragrant Cup charge coffee Smartphone and Tablet and stay still online. The projects of DuPont, to incorporate Wireless charging technology in its Corian work surface for the modern kitchen is not less interesting. As a result, the battery will be virtually always full and the phone constantly at hand. Very handy for passionate cooks who may not long endure without their Smartphone.

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Clearly, when it comes to mobile-friendly furniture, IKEA has priority. Since April 15, 2015, he sold Swedish furniture manufacturer tables and lights, a charging station contained in itself – a successful combination of simple, Scandinavian design and innovative technology. The furniture pieces look quite normal and at first glance, differ little from conventional furniture. Only a round plus shows the user where the charger is located – very stylishly and discreetly.

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Only the newer smartphones like Lumia 830 and 930 Lumia and Samsung Galaxy S7, and Galaxy S7 edge own the Wireless charging function. Also Google nexus and better LG smartphones are fit for Wireless charging. Older models can be also equipped with a special cover to be charged wirelessly. Find one at IKEA. It is sold under the name Vitahult.

Certainly, however, remains the better solution is to get a brand new phone, which has a wireless charging function. And, if you are tired of not only the cable clutter, but then you should buy a new phone also mobile phone contracts and deposits, most definitely on rates, for example, at There you will find a large selection of smartphones of the brands Samsung, Apple, Sony, LG and HTC. All models get of course without a contract and rates. So you stay completely free and flexible. Don’t forget to pay attention to an existing wireless charging feature!  Have fun browsing!

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