Smart Home Systems Guarantee Residential Comfort At Your Fingertips

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smart home systems gadgets equipment new technologies

Smart home systems

The blinds go down automatically at sunset, the window opens thanks to gas sensor at high carbon dioxide content in the air. Future tunes? Nein.Moderne smart-home concepts make it possible and turn the home into a fully automated comfort zone.

In the future, we can control our electronic devices with the Smartphone

smart home systems gadgets smart phone

How does it work?

The term smart home behind a simple explanation: intelligent living by the technical networking of electronic devices in homes. In addition to an increased quality of life, the concept should grant more efficient energy use and more security. In practice, it looks like this: a central control component allows lighting, heating or blinds to control and automate. The consumer can determine, for example a specific time when light in the House on or should go. The remote control of networked components is especially handy. It is possible to control lights, heating, dryer or coffee machine using an app from your Smartphone. What requirements must have for your home and how smart distinguish the different home standards, read here.

Security: The app indicates that all the doors in the House are locked

smart home systems gadgets devices

Save energy

But not only newly created comfort speaks a home system in house or apartment to install smart. Surveys have shown that the automation of electrical equipment can reduce energy consumption by up to 30 percent. This needs but also the State of the art Technik.Die enables’s example, that a gas sensor measures the carbon dioxide content of the air and automatically opens Windows from a particular value, and switches off the heater. At the IFA, many innovations have been in September of this year in the smart home area presented. More on this, see here. The high tech systems can now:

Via Smartphone by on the road switch the heating on a predefined temperature.
Determine the best time of day the electricity provider and then turn on devices.
Motion detector sends a message on the phone, if something going on at home.
Water detectors react to water ingress and send a message to the mobile phone.

By tablet or Smartphone, check and control your energy consumption

smart home systems gadgets new technologies

What for the one or other sounds at the moment still something alien and unreal, to one almost every household belong according to experts in the next ten years to the standard equipment. IT sizes as well as Start-Ups are continuously working on new “smart” systems that will be compatible in the future and easier to use. A study on forecasts of development of at the smart home can be found here.

In the smart home the Smartphone replaces the key

smart home systems guarantee residential comfort at your fingertips

In the near future an integral part of each household should be home smart

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