Summer BBQ Ideas For A Special Treat

Grilling is an art in itself! Gone are the days where the food consisted of a thick piece of meat and a few sausages. Modern grilling is varied, tasty and healthy. Fresh Grill ideas begin already with the equipment.

Grilling with gas

If a gas grill or a charcoal grill is a better choice, which will probably never quite work out; but is that more and more Grill friends rely on the smoke-free gas Grill Variant. Delicious barbecue ideas for the gas Grill can be quick to prepare and have something on offer for every taste. As the grill temperature for a gas Grill can be set precisely, it is no problem to prepare also delicious grilled food precisely:

tender vegetable
delicate fillets

Wonderfully delicate, salmon gelingtauf the gas Grill when it is wrapped up for the preparation in a piece of aluminum foil. Together with vegetables and spices, packaged, is quickly spirited in addition to a complete meal. Depending on the size of the salmon and the amount or the kind of side dishes, the food is ready to serve prepared here already after 15-30 minutes.

Barbecue on a gas Grill: sweet and summery with fruits

This summer, fruit is in the grill. The sweet fruits are ideal as an accompaniment for meat, fish and salads. Of course, fruit for tempting desserts are the right choice. A wonderful appetizer comes pears on the table by the way with Gorgonzola. Along with 150 g gorgonzola, one teaspoon of honey, fresh rosemary and 150 ml white wine (PEAR juice for non-alcoholic variant), are three peeled and boiled bulbs in aluminum wrapped and grilled for 10 minutes on a gas Grill. To serve, you can sprinkle the treat with fresh walnuts.

Grilled pineapple taste especially leckerals accompaniment to hearty meat dishes. Accompanied by a tender steak, they fit as a tasty side dish very well. You can just brush pineapple rings with lemon oil and Grill on both sides for about one minute.

Marinades make the difference

Marinades are perfect for the grill from the gas Grill. With the right marinade, a grill dish can be optimally refine. Depending on the food different Marinades and types of Marinades are used.

Marinades for grilled food from the gas Grill

Meat from gas Grill- Sour meat Marinades actively inhibit the bacterial population and allow the meat to cook faster. This makes wonderfully tender steaks and co.. Regardless of Marinades a kind meat over a long period should be marinated. Best at night and at low temperatures. Salt should be avoided completely. It cut off the meat of water and makes it tough.

Gas grilled – fish To refine the fish immediately through taste, he should be easily cut in several places. A whole fish on the grill, this marinated on the inside. Marinades with lemon and herbs are very fresh. Such as soy sauce is a classic for fish marinade.

Fruit from the gas Grill- Honey, sugar, vanilla, and orange juice – it is a tasty mixture of grilled fruit. The mixture should easily be cooked before serving. However, it should be definitely not too runny. The fruit is is generously applied and placed directly on the grill.

The gas Grill – vegetables The vegetables has only a mild taste, is a well flavored marinade. Hearty varieties can be balanced by adding a slight sweetness. The vegetable is best at low temperature on the Gasgrillgegrillt. During grilling, vegetables should always be coated with the marinade. This prevents drying and burning the delicate food.