The Best Tips To Personalize Your Smartphone

The consumption rises with the functionality of mobile phones. You think back to the ancient and often unsightly “bone” by anno this time, these devices were just good to call using. Texting was still possible, but there was no more functions. Today, the different looks. In addition to traditional telephony and the sending of messages (what today tend to be more via WhatsApp rather than via SMS) the Smartphone serves as an alarm clock, as radio, TV, as computer, as a clock, as camera, as a newspaper, as Navi and as much more. ERGO: The Smartphone is today represented in all walks of life and so became the constant companion. Need to individualize enough for many as the desktop computer or the calendar, which now no longer lingers in the form of paper in the bag the Smartphone as well. The following ideas tell you how that works.

smartphone personalization tips on the way

1. the Smartphone-cover: A mirror of the privacy

Rarely, the Smartphone-cover is just plain handy. If this is the case, usually a shell made of silicone, which prevents slipping of the device on the table, was elected. This option has established itself in practice as men Variant (and for craftsmen).

Woman as rather opts for the leather case. In the business world the leather case has fought for long a place themselves. Although one can thereby guess who is the owner, but is otherwise properly individually.

Cell phone covers can be beautified today high quality with the favorite motif. In practice, this means that mobile phone shells, mobile socks and Flipcases with their own imagery and this individualized. Providers differ fundamentally between covers, specifically tailored to a specific Smartphone model, and the models that universal fit for many devices and offer them appropriate protection.

Almost been unimaginative acts this barren cell phone cover. Also clear cases like these have become rare

smartphone personalization tips case

Popular motifs are always the one with the loved one in any case. Usually, children or partner adorn the mobile Bowl. Also special events such as birthdays, weddings and baptisms are placed on the Smartphone shell at least like as shots of vacations. Alternatively, also zeitlosere motifs can be selected, such as about the favorite flower, a popular building in the town of favorite or a flag of the favorite country. Creative Tip: Who would like to use the Smartphone as a daily motivator, can place here also the image of a great desire that can be achieved with iron diet or a sophisticated savings plan. So is the motif not only beautiful to look at, but also a daily reminder of the eagerly awaited goal.

Caution: Images of naked babies are indeed cute, have to look anything but on the Smartphone case. Here tricky spells should be read nor that maybe traded in the circle of friends as a running gag, for a stranger, but literally strange would work. Inspiration for potential there to see photos and very unusual models.

2. the ringtone. Special occasions require different melodies.

A further component is the ringtone to customise the daily companions of Smartphone. Today, it is quite common to assign different caller groups on different melodies. So, to the tune of the ring tone can be detected to already whether is the call of more professional or more private nature. Note That a ring tone is heard – for the owner of the Smartphone and the company. Therefore, also the ring tone (as well as the tone for messages and emails) wisely should be selected. It is this mouth to navigate:

This ushers in a more meaningful, but inappropriate ringtone, at a business lunch not at all well received

smartphone personalization tips

Funny is, when on call of the mother of the ABBA classic ‘Mamma Mia’ sounds. Also the Daddy equivalent of Peter Alexander “Papa will judge it already”, will cheer the callers as well as other random audience, without that this is interpreted negatively.
Provocative sounds or Sprechtöne, which testify that an “A…” on the phone and would like the owners of smartphones, are not funny but embarrassing. By the way if this sound is intended to colleagues – and ringing the phone while you sit down with the other colleagues in the canteen, it will get worse.
It will be dangerous for ring tones that mimic public familiar sounds. Who selects the siren of a police car, a fire brigade or an ambulance service, because he may privately engaged in the Fire Department, can obtain faces so baffled civilian and create even a literal panic.

3. images in the device are the safest option

Few have a standardized wallpaper on your Smartphone. An image belong here. And that brings a smile to the face of the owner in the best case regularly if the screen lock will be wiped out. It is simultaneously the most personal variant probably, to customize a Smartphone. The images on the Smartphone screen similar to those on the desktop: they are rarely seen by strangers, unless your phone is stolen. Who has no ideas or motives for the screen, can use after heart air in the wallpaper shop.

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