The Great 360 Piano PianoArc

Pianoarc Lady Gaga keyboard piano

Do you play piano? This design will surely fascinate you!

PianoArc is a round piano with 294 keys, with 3 adjacent eighty-eight notes and a control section. The exceptional instrument is the invention of Brockett Parsons, who currently is the personal keyboardist of Lady Gaga.

To enable this idea, Parsons has worked with a team of keyboardists, designers and technicians. The design is approximately 2 meters and is based on the height-adjustable stand, the also +/-50 degrees can tilt. Check the detailed demo below to listen to the amazing piano in use.

The great 360 piano PianoArc facilitates the artist

Pianoarc Lady Gaga inspiring piano

PianoArc is specially designed for stage presence and designs. This can move the keyboard player and even more enthusiasm for the performance. For more technical specifications, price and short information about it, please visit the official Web page

The keyboardist with the PianoArc photographed by Lady Gaga

great performance piano Pianoarc Lady Gaga

Easy to use – stranded purpose and original

Pianoarc use piano round 360 degrees

Adjustable height and rotating support

Pianoarc piano round 360 degrees movement

PianoArc exhibition

Pianoarc piano round 360 degrees designer

Thought striking and functional

technology piano round 360 degrees games

The performance

Innovative and ingenious designed