The Venta Air Scrubbers – Air Purifier And Humidifier In One Device

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Why you should opt for the Venta air scrubbers

After many ill-fated attempts to improve the indoor climate in our Office, we have finally hit in the black. We have found a “washing machine” for the air. No, actually the Venta air scrubber is much more – a combination of air purifier and humidifier in one. The operating principle is not complicated. The dry, bad air is initiated into the device and the residing there plates stack. The Interior of the air washer is constantly filled with water, one has previously added to the Venta hygiene. The air is literally washed in this way. The good thing is that even dust, pollen and other small particles in the water are involved. At the same time is provided by the evaporation of pure water in the exchanger surface for optimum air humidification.

From the beginning, my colleagues and I were fascinated by the simple composition and operation of the air washer. It took only a few minutes and the device was already in operation. We’ve got it in the summer and so we had quite a problem with the negative impact of the dry air that ever came out of our air conditioning on hot days. Many of us have often complained about headaches and unpleasant fatigue. Also the house dust that was always present despite daily cleaning is not to be underestimated. And Yes, of course we knew the inevitable drying out our mucous membranes, which often led to runny nose and cough.

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I must admit that we were a bit skeptical at the beginning. We thought that maybe is a marketing ploy. We have the first days did not notice the whisper-quiet air scrubbers, but operating it properly only according to the instructions. In our medium-sized Office, something has changed but since then. You could not see it, but you can definitely feel.

Now we are enjoying a much fresher indoor air which is well moistened and very good for us every day. Lately, no one complains about scratchy throat or annoying runny nose symptoms from us. It’s hard to believe, but when used in the Office, you notice that the house dust has become noticeably less. With our Venta air scrubber LW 45 , we made a really happy choice. We have already well equipped us and the Venta hygiene program saved us. These include the hygiene products for hygienic continuous operation, which is available in a 500 ml bottle is sufficient for about 5 months, and the Venta appliance cleaner from 25o ml, that it takes for the bi-annual intensive cleaning.

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The possibility to use the air washer in the flavoring of the premises comes in the end. How is that? It’s simple. With the special, high-quality scents for the Venta Airwasher. We’ve got these by Taoasis – venta’s partner. Our undisputed favorite is the vanilla aroma. It works on us at the same time balancing and euphoric and promotes our work process in a very subtle way. We look forward to the warm and relaxing winter dream fragrance and to each new season with the Venta-Airwasher.

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