Welltherm – Infrared Heaters From Lüdenscheid

When it comes to infra-red heaters, the Welltherm GmbH in Lüdenscheid is a leader who has made a name with the innovative technology in Europe. The company develops and produces high-quality infrared heating systems made in Germany. The specialist in infrared technology attaches particular importance to a precise and careful processing, best material components, as well as a certified product safety. In addition to numerous standard systems, the manufacturer offers completely customized solutions, which fit are tailored to the requirements of customers.

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Experience and the latest technologies

The Welltherm GmbH draws on a wealth of experience of several decades, which includes both the development and the manufacturing of complex heating elements for industrial applications. This involves medical, automotive, and laboratory equipment. The experience gained is the company in the construction of their infrared heating systems and thus efficient results, providing degree exact tempering and reliable process security. Welltherm continuously improved its equipment and relies on the latest technologies for an innovative future. Last but not least, these aspects have made the company one of the leading experts for the heating with infrared.

Infrared heat in 6 steps from the House of Welltherm

The company provides its customers with two sales offices, 20 locations and a network of partners. The network of the company runs in Germany from the Northern Norderstedt near Hamburg down after Hilzingen in the South. While ensuring that customers in the regions around the locations around everywhere received a best possible re-entry. Welltherm accompanies its customers complete towards needs-based infra-red heating and ensures that all necessary steps be followed. While the company does the following:

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Project infrared heater with Welltherm

Step: contact

Discuss the need for and the Kundenwüsche. Analysis of the current situation and advice on the phone.

Step: Measurements on the spot

Visit to the premises of the customer. Assessment of expenses and allowance.

Step: identification of needs

Accurate identification of needs and sizing of the heating system. Component analysis and cost estimate.

Step: project planning

Create a project plan and Division of the work steps. Voting time implementation with all stakeholders.

Step: Installation on site

Installation and adjustment of the infrared heating system. Implementation of all relevant measures and commissioning.

Step: Final acceptance

Control of the system and common functional and security-related decrease in on-site.

Infrared heater: The system

Infrared heaters emit heat radiation that are absorbed by all fixed objects in the room. This stored heat can be delivered according to subject matter, for several hours on the environment. While the air in the room should be warm not permanent new, as is the case with conventional heating systems. The general welfare of persons staying in rooms heated by infrared systems, will be increased. The systems at the same time ensures sustainable dry walls, what contributes to the reduction of the formation of mould and produce significantly less dust accumulation. All devices of the company Welltherm are VDE certified and can be installed on walls, ceilings or as stand-alone machines.

Growth ensures the progress in the House of Welltherm

Already in 2013, the company has decided for a large extension on the site Wibschla 22 in Lüdenscheid. A 1000 square metre new building and the expansion of the production and logistics building just followed. With the extensive new buildings, responded to the growth of the past few years the company and taking decisive, new steps in a successful future. Worth mentioning is the commitment of the company in the area of corporate social responsibility, as well as related corporate philosophy. A well-known cooperation partner of Welltherm GmbH, which contributes to the implementation of important goals of the company, is the Kinderreich REMS-Murr – an initiative of the District Association German Child Welfare Association Schorndorf/Waiblingen.