What Does The Future Of Nanotechnology From?

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what is nanotechnology future and technology

The fascinating future of nanotechnology

More and more is spoken of nanotechnology and its fundamental importance for humanity and written. You know but exactly what it is and how it could change our future?

What is nanotechnology?

some facts what is nanotechnology

How it all began

Have you ever of the lecture “there’s plenty of Roomatthe bottom” (below is a lot of space “)? He was held by the American physicist Richard Feynman on December 29, 1959. The lecture was held in Institute of technology, in California.

This talk describes the process that was in which scientists individual atoms and molecules can control.

A decade later coined the nanotechnology Professor Norio Taniguchi.

Check the atoms and molecules

what is nano-technology how it all began

But mankind still conditions for the rapid development of this area, which here will be the speech needed. in 1981, they developed a scanning tunneling microscope. With this, scientists could see the individual atoms and manipulate. Thus began the modern nano technology.

How will nanotechnology change our future?

Nano cells what is nanotechnology

Inks containing nanoparticles conduct electricity

In the future, we may no longer need the high-precision crafted techniques. Scientists at the University of Illinois atUrbana-Champaign and many other teams working on conductive inks and colors. You were fluent and could literally come out of a ballpoint pen. A small line that might have enough to power antenna or LED display.

Revolutionary ideas

facts about nanotechnology

Cancer cell detector

While cancer cells grow, they change genes and proteins in these. This process emits organic compounds, which can be detected very early. Nano-particles were able to discover this at a very early stage. It would be the doctors just possible to save many more lives.

Nanotechnology in medicine

Nano cells and nanotechnology facts


One of the most exciting discoveries that have to do with nanotechnology, call Osorb. A team from the College of Wooster in Wooster, Ohio was working on a nanotechnology for Parry of explosions at airports. In the process, it happened to a discovery of other, no less valuable. The extracted substance in water could spread in a special formula made of nanoparticles. She took everything, what there was, except H2O on. This discovery could be very useful for the water purifying.

The discovery of Osorb

what is nanotechnology laboratory work

Cancer fighting at the source

University of Missouri may be on the way to develop a nano-technology-based treatment against prostate cancer. The particles would treat the source of the problem. The animal experiments were already successful. The experts would only find out whether they are safe.

Gene therapy and drug delivery

News for more innovative nano-technologies which help for the administration of medications to the cells, come out almost every week. The same applies to the gene therapy.

Innovative nanotechnologies

Nano grid what is nanotechnology

Protective layer for the skin

Skin cancer prevention could reach new and better dimensions. Special, much more effective protective coatings are also developed with the help of nanotechnology for the skin.

The Future of nanotechnology

what is nanotechnology images and trivia

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