Wireless Logitech N.k780 Kayboard For Computer, Smartphone And Tablet

The new Logitech keyboard

The computer keyboard has remained relatively unchanged over the decades. Some details but make the difference between the first keyboards and this today. The wireless keyboard and the keypad for example are nowadays no novelty.

Feiz Design Studio of Amsterdam and Logitech have recognised the new trends in the industry and together developed a new keyboard – the wireless Logitech n.k780, IOS compatible with Windows, Mac, chrome OS, and Android devices.

Wireless Logitech n.k780 Kayboard for computer, Smartphone and Tablet

wireless Logitech Keyboard Logitech n.k780

The Logitech n.k780 is a wireless multimedia device keyboard, which is suitable for all computers, Tablet PCs, and Smartphones with wireless USB or Bluetooth smart connection.

With the new Logitech Testatur, you can type up to three devices and easily switch between them using the easy-switch button.

A fully equipped all-in-one keyboard featuring a number pad in an elegant design

Logitech Keyboard wireless Logitech n.k780 Feiz Design Studio

Tap and switch between different devices works quickly and easily

Logitech keyboard design wireless, Logitech n.k780

Easy-switch button

switch Logitech Keyboard Logitech n.k780 Feiz Design Studio

A sturdy rubberized bracket positioned mobile devices in the correct angle for reading or typing.

Silent keys and number pad for a comfortable typing experience

Logitech Keyboard Logitech n.k780 work on the computer

The stylish Logitech n.k780 still has an energy-saving sleep mode and a 24-month battery life keyboard.

Fully equipped standard sized keyboard with large, carefully designed concave keys

Logitech Keyboard Logitech n.k780 Feiz Design Studio seen from above

The Logitech keyboard is since July 2016 for a suggested retail price of 99.99 euros available on the market.

So create more right on your desktop

Logitech Keyboard Logitech n.k780 Feiz Design Studio

Keyboard with gummirter Smartphone and Tablet holder

Logitech Keyboard Logitech Cordless n.k780 Feiz Design Studio

Two options for the wireless connection: USB Logitech unifying receiver™ and Bluetooth® smartLogitech Keyboard Logitech n.k780 images Feiz Design Studio

By Smartphone up iPad Pro – all devices can stably positioned on the mount

Logitech Keyboard Logitech n.k780 Feiz Design Studio Smartphone

Convince yourself of the properties of the Logitech n.k780 multi-device keyboard the following video