10 Balcony Design Tips And Ideas – Cosy Terrace Or Balcony Design

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balcony design tips furniture set modern elegant

See this important tips before you begin to set up the balcony or the terrace.

Besides the magnificent atmosphere and the feelings that it creates, there are other, what we should watch something. Here are some tips are presented, which show how to make balcony comfortable and practical. See our suggestions and create pleasant recreational area on the balcony.

Interesting and elegant furniture on the terrace – sweet turquoise throw pillows – balcony design tips and ideas

balcony design tips furniture set blue cushion table

The capacity of your outdoor area plays the most important role. Not all buildings can have the same weight, some even can not withstand the applicable materials.

Think about how to use the outdoors all year round. Even if you do not use the balcony in the winter, it should be attractive and well maintained.

Arranged compact balcony with brick walls – white wooden bench and pink cushion on it

balcony design tips furniture set pink pillow brick wall

It is important, how much time per day will be spend on the balcony. Do you work in the course of the day? If so, you are planning the balcony or the terrace for relaxation at night. Out there, consider the need of lighting.

Each centimeter is important when designing a small space.

Add privacy to make the exterior look bigger.

Modern and elegant balcony design in the big city

balcony design tips furniture set Rosa Schwarz rattan city

Choose plants that thrive in this climate. This is very important especially if you want to grow flower beds.

Get the irrigation for your plant pots. If there’s a canopy on the balcony, the plants can get no water from the natural rain. Consider the idea for installation of an irrigation system.

Timber façade and large glass walls – two red rattan chair catch eye

balcony design tips furniture set red rattan striking

In setting up the balcony, don’t forget – the combination of indoor and outdoor space is very important. Use the same materials, textures and colours as in the Interior.

Privacy wood is attractive and interesting – the atmosphere in outer space intertwined sent with the bedroom design

design tips furniture set terrace wood privacy

In any case, you need a storage room. Design matches an old wardrobe, you are not at home using the balcony or terrace. Since store utensils or objects that you rarely use the garden.

If you have the financial ability and desire, the balcony, really striking and cozy to make the terrace, consult with an experienced designer.

Romantic nights on the balcony in the city balcony design tips night urban romantic rattan chair

Minimalist design – metal deck balcony design tips night urban modern weird deck metal

Compact balcony on the roof – comfortable sitting area

balcony design tips night urban upholstery rattan roof terrace

Some suggestions for dining in the outdoor – patio, garden or terrace

balcony design tips furniture set terrace wood metal rattan

Cool balcony plants – fresh ideas for a cozy atmosphere

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