10 Toxic Products In The Garden Center, Which You Should Absolutely Avoid.

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Put on the responsible consumer!

The purchase of plants, as well as the visit of garden centers aren’t hear is basically like a very pleasant and not very dangerous matter? If you are convinced, you’re wrong but a bit. There are many dangers and we would like to draw your attention to at least 10 of them.

Our practical tips are more vigilant make and learn to observe more and to orient themselves properly with your purchase.

PVC garden hoses

PVC garden hoses are cheap, but they are not a very good idea. Which dangerous substances cut itself off from, which then get into the water and degrade the quality of your vegetable production. To buy garden hoses, rather than PVC, rather get the equally favourable hoses made of rubber material.

Buy always quite reasonably in the Garden Center

lehnen garden design garden hose rubber toxic

Cocoa Mulch

Is cocoa mulch on your shopping list? You should strike these out rather immediately, if you have dogs at home. Cocoa Mulch is a great temptation for these pets and has the same bad effect as for example the chocolate on it.

Cocoa beans have lost nothing in your garden

lehnen landscaping cocoa mulch gefärlich garden ideas

Fertilizers and plant nutrients

Most synthetic fertilizers and plant nutrients are sold at the Garden Center. They contain many nitrates. While protecting the plants from insects, but they prevent the garden plants that get oxygen. Nitrates continue to pose a direct health threat to children and pets.

Prefer the natural fertilizers and plant nutrients

lehnen landscaping pesticide fertilizer synthetic

Plastic gloves and other articles made of plastic

As well as all other products from plastic, the gloves contain also toxic substances. If you use it, they will come into the ground as well as through your skin into the body. The danger is too great from allergies and other symptoms. Rather, choose another material. The alternatives are usually more expensive, but usually include some enduring longer.

Buy the best gardening gloves made from natural materials

lehnen landscaping ideas Primrose spring planting flower pots

Herbicides, pesticides, insecticides

Clearly, the herbicides do not fit to sustainable garden design. You protect your garden from insects, harm the plants as much as nitrates. They remain not only on the plants, but fall into the Earth and eventually into the water. So, by using herbicides, you pollute the environment. The same applies to the pesticides and insecticides.

Avoid synthetic herbicides, pesticides and insecticides

lehnen gardening pesticides insecticides herbicides

Plants ornaments made of lead

There is still something on its shopping rather should be avoided in the Garden Center. Lead is very toxic and can lead to serious health consequences for the plants and the people in the garden.

Instead of lead you can select ceramic, stainless steel or wood

lehnen landscaping ideas lead plants garden ornaments

Brass faucet

Rather buy no faucets made of sheet, and no other accessories or other ornaments made of this material. They are also very toxic and harmful for our health and for the nature that surrounds us.

Inquire for more environmentally friendly solutions

lehnen garden style plate brass faucet

Mulch of shredded tyres

On the one hand, it is advisable to use again the tires. For this reason, the mulch from the grated material looks like an obvious solution. However, the reality is somewhat different. The tyres contain many toxins and you should keep them away rather of our Earth and our food.

Old tires can be used elsewhere again

lehnen garden design garden ideas old car tire mulch

Put on health and sustainability!

lehnen garden design gardening plant pour rubber hose

The organic salad tastes and good for everyone

lehnen garden design gardening salad grow plastic gloves

Buy consciously and responsibly!

lehnen landscaping healthy toxic chemicals garden ideas

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