10 Unforgettable Tips For Succulent Arrangements

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succulent arrangement pebbles green decorationTips for succulent arrangements

Today it’s about Succulents, friends! It is undeniable that one of the simplest ideas, how you can personalise your porch or roof terrace, courtyard or sunny interior with an added modern twist out, is to provide fascinating arrays of plants. If you want to make a big impression, you can opt for Succulents, because this species is ideal thanks to its unusual, almost alien looks for the decoration of trendy exteriors!

Today it’s about Succulents, friends!

succulent array of plants decoration ceramic bird

You today with pleasure – to help you looking for variations to help browsing, we have selected 10 of the most memorable Tips how you can arrange Succulents attractive. If you just feel that you need an inspiring suggestions, so you would find appealing the below presented variety of textures, colours and heights. Not to mention that we betrayed some easily executable and effective strategies, how you enjoy the arrangement of your succulent plant collection of a maximum power. Do not suppress the urge after a visit to the local nursery but – the system of your succulent plant pot is a simple project that you can do within only one or a few hours. And it is very worthwhile!

Round of succulent compositions

But don’t think that turns everything around the green. Also the colors in the game sometimes. Take a few minutes time, to the amazing series of color and texture to look at, which seem so glamorous in the arrangement shown below. What a great solution to achieve creativity effects! [Source: chickweed]

We start with round pots reveal the amazing displays of green

tips for succulent arrangements plants

Still a strategy: Choose Succulents with similar shape but to vary color and size. Rounded Succulents such as the Echeverien – the real Sukkulentenfavorite – are best for requests like this on the next screen. Have also perfect fit circular pots, because its form reflects the shape of the container!

Choose succulent with similar shape

tips for succulent arrangements form round pot

On a pole raised round plant arrangement is a popular modern decoration system, which is more and more contemporary gardens and courtyards. Nothing can compare with the idea to bring a bit of variety with high seed racks in your exterior or interior! And ideally have no fear to enrich your composition by some tall species which are not Succulents – pointed-leaved grass, as shown below. [Quelle: Big Red Sun]

The round plants arrangement on a stake is a popular modern decoration

tips for succulent arrangements Flowerpot

Strategies to arranging Succulents

In the following section we would like to familiarize you with some arrangement techniques, which stand out with style and arouse the interest of the Viewer.  Often Succulents have the appearance of “Sea animals” and thus the use of original sea decorations such as sea-urchins or pieces Gorgonie, which beautifully complement the shape of the plants is proving as particularly suitable. Below, we see a mixture of succulents and clams in a copper trough. [Manure: Glenna Partridge Garden Design]

Feel free to embellish the mix with shells!

tips for succulent arrangements shells

We must now zoom zooming some details from the next arrangement and our best tip to show. Does not hurt, after all, be creative! Quite the contrary – the task to bring small beds, rich in color and texture, would provide for the originality and modernity of the design. Now, you can make a mini world in your tank! Prepare to go to provide themselves with stock and inspiration except to the nursery to the local home improvement store, such as the rock and mineral shop. [Source: big red Sun]

Use pebbles, rocks and pieces of glass, to create a “Plantschaft”.

tips for succulent arrangements details

Sometimes, nothing more is required clearly to invent as layered compositions of green leaves! Exactly – your succulent plant arrangement is still varied, if you add hanging and cascade-like plants. Nothing can be as a planter with Succulents overflowing, reaching from head to toe! [Source: urban nature]

Layered green leaves compositions

tips for succulent arrangements levels

Even a friendly reminder. Many modern garden courtyards provide the flowering plants for native grasses, cacti or other green genera. Even without flowers, you can enjoy colors. A box full of Succulents will be always able to create and bright shades. How many different shades can you tell in the arrangement shown below? [Source: site capes]

Succulents can result in beautiful color combinations

tips for succulent arrangements color plants pot clay

Unique arrangements of Succulents

Now we can gain insight into the unconventional composition possibilities, which are more than welcome for the gardener, which would shine with originality! This arrangement with Driftwood illustrated for example those spells, caused by the fact that some epiphytic plants and Succulents such as the Echeveria has used to create of a bouquet of fresh green variety, which grows from a branch. [Source: Our Aesthetic]

Arrangement with Driftwood

tips for succulent arrangements beauty

Would you trap your guests? This is the ultimate way to blur the borderline between art and garden design. So reduces the chance that squirrels find your product on an easily accessible table-oriented and nibble on… [Quelle: Big Red Sun]

Fix your succulent arrangement on the wall.

Tips for succulent arrangements wall horizontal garden

Finally, we present a tip which will make your rooms outdoors definitely the attraction! In fact, this project has stormy conquered the blogsophere. To achieve magnificent effects, creating not only a single planters, you can group several together! Yes – you can a whole Succulentswall build! Just make sure that you pile up your bucket on a stable surface, such as concrete slabs on the bottom screen. Here you can read a bit more about it. [Source: Zack Benson Photography]

Group together several planters

tips for succulent arrangements plant wall

Which of the succulent plant arrangements has become your favorite? Have you chosen some tips and tricks, you want to try out at home? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below…

Attractive plant wall – succulent arrangements on the garden fence-mounted

succulent array of wall plants frame Square outside

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