13 Beautiful Designs For Your Mosaic In The Garden

Editor   February 6, 2014   Comments Off on 13 Beautiful Designs For Your Mosaic In The Garden

mosaic garden purple Blau floral pattern Flagstone

Mosaic garden

How about a colorful mosaic in the garden? In this way you can introduce more dynamism and freshness to the outdoor area with little effort and with residual materials. If you were at home before recent renovation or construction work, not to quickly throw away the leftover materials. Look at everything and think about which pieces are still to use. Small pebbles, large slabs of stone, ceramic, marble or granite – can remain a valuable use in the design of your mosaic in the garden have everything.

Each of the shapes and the colors, the better. You can then map the remains into groups with similar texture and a suitable appearance. Best, then, you draw the model on which you want to have a mosaic. Then set everything up without sticking to or fix. We recommend the combination of different materials to achieve a structural and colour contrast. When everything fits, you can connect the elements with each other quietly with construction adhesive. Fill in the joints with colored mortar.

So is a beautiful tree

mosaic In the garden tree motif teal

Ceramic tiles are perfectly suited for a mosaic in the garden. From the tiles, you can cut out smaller parts using a pair of pliers and incorporate them into the desired motifs. Sprinkle the mosaic with transparent lacquer to achieve more shine.

You can almost everything in the garden with a beautiful mosaic decorating – the avenues, the garden table or the bench. Decorative pools, borders and wall decoration can be quite easy. Dare’s and decorate your outdoor areas in a creative, original way.

Artful garden table

mosaic garden stained table

Southern Joie de vivre

mosaic garden decoration small pool

An imaginative armchair a la Gaudí

mosaic garden imaginative abstract mulch

Unique tile art

mosaic In the garden of artful stand table

Abstract in cool colors

mosaic In the garden Seladongrün grey stones

Masterful spiral of stones

mosaic garden spiral stone slabs

Delicate stone flowers in purple

mosaic In the garden of stone slabs purple stones

Beautiful stages art

mosaic In the garden stairs abstract

Border with character

mosaic In the garden of colorful stones edge

Wall decoration to admire

mosaic In the garden wall decoration Sun fish birds

Curved patterns and fresh flowers

mosaic garden wavy pattern

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