13 Ideas For Garden Design – Pictures Of Seating And Relaxation Corners In The Backyard

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ideas for garden design garden furniture sofa coffee table wood planks

Ideas for garden design – 13 extra cool projects for the backyard

You find the typical grass – and – terrace – backyard already kinda too boring? Maybe it’s time to bring a little bit more atmosphere in the backyard. I am personally thinking of surfboard showers or free-standing bathtubs. Want to let us look at along these and other fun ideas from nearby?

Built-in mosaic Bank (the picture above)

This great mosaic bench reminds me personally of the style of Gaudi in Barcelona. Are you exactly?

I think, such a piece would be the ideal replacement for the typical furniture in the back yard, where the protection against the bad weather is also of fundamental importance.

Create a party area covered by vines

garden design ideas garden furniture chairs Creepers privacy

To create an oasis of lush, jungle-like, attach the climbing plants such as the grape vines to the garden walls. Are also glowing lamps. A long, low, and suitable for outdoor fireplace is the perfect place for the nursery. The waterproof party chairs are the final touch.

A secret sitting area

ideas for garden design rattan garden furniture privacy bamboo

Want you because do not have a path, which is surrounded with bamboo, and also reach a secret spot in your garden? That would be the perfect place where you can sit on and relax. The woven Lounge Chair ensures additional privacy and makes a wonderful place to hide from the whole.

Imitating antique ruins

ideas for landscaping with stones water games

The close and lush meadow here leads to a secluded garden room. The stone part wall tiling looks as if it would have worked for centuries there in excavations. Polls mark the entrance with burning fires and antique plätschende fountains provide soothing noises.

Make a shower of lava rock

ideas for garden design garden shower gravel natural stone fence

Yes, this Outdoordusche is located on Hawaii, but this by far does not mean that you can create a similar look not at home. The lava wall serves as a natural backdrop for the showers in the outdoor area, while tropical plants, the teak wood shelf for towels and the wide flat stepping stones provide an appealing texture and holiday atmosphere.

What’s a surfboard shower?

ideas for garden design garden shower surfboard

Why do you find not a new usage for this surfboard by converting it in an outdoor shower?

Bring colored tiles in use

garden design ideas lounge garden furniture outdoor kitchen

Pimp out your kitchen outdoors through a patchwork of colored tiles on. If you have no such, you could run a table or a bank in the same style.

Install a bathtub in the yard

garden design ideas outdoor freestanding bathtub bath

Can anything be outside liberating as bathing? If the retention of the private sphere of importance is, you should consider a down rolling wall into consideration. You will feel exposed, but still free enough so less of the outside world.

Catch a dragon

garden design ideas with gravel bath freestanding bathtub

Is bathing in the yard not your thing? Then, you could invest your effort instead in the design of a dragon or other kind of sculpture. How do you get the idea to create a fountain out of an old pool?

Create a seating area

dining room design In the garden garden design ideas dining table chairs

Install a dining table with chairs in your backyard and thus create the conditions for a nice dinner in the open air.

Make a stone path

ideas for garden design Garden Bench wood bench lawn Pebble mosaic

Go through the backyard more comfortable by installing stone paths. They are more comfortable than the typical concrete and the stones of levels of.

Arrange a room directly on the grass

ideas for garden design relaxation corner sofa cushion coffee table

Why should you use furniture on the patio or terrace? Create a space in the outdoor area that becomes one with the environment. You could then do this if you place it in an area covered by grass.

Hiking opportunities through the backyard

garden design ideas lounge rattan garden furniture fireplace

Instead, that fill the entire back yard with grass, install identified each other outdoor spaces, their flooring is covered with natural stone and separate the different zones with trees and native plants.

Because you want something new in the yard? Could one of the ideas to be help you?

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