20 Tips For Garden Accessories And Garden Decor, The Your Landscape Life Be

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fresh beautiful bouquet colorful Garden Bench wood

20 funny interior design ideas that will liven up your landscape

Try it with some really unique: consider the moon to chunks of artificially decorated and colored grids. So, you would give your garden a unique appearance.

GNOME tree – garden accessories and Gartendeko

garden accessories and rustic Gartendeko roof construction

A great addition is this to the garden, where children can play. So a sculpture would the imagination of children, no matter what age they are, wake up.

You should equip it with a swing or a hollow interior design. This could be a Playhouse.

Window outdoor

garden accessories and Gartendeko rustic plants landscape

Like the hidden ruins, they discovered the route along the garden wall represents a unique element. It is equipped with many Windows and you could get a playground here.

Gateway to the Moon

contemporary landscape garden accessories and Gartendeko

You do because a mystical, Zen-like atmosphere in your garden? Zen mood in your garden is exactly what you need. The curved forms write harmoniously in landscapes of any kind and make entering the garden a unique event.

Colorful accents

contemporary head flowers ideas garden accessories and Gartendeko

Why must they use only wood if you can also embellish the ambiance Charteuse, glittering purple, fiery red? Provide a bold color choice and bring your garden to life.

Wigwam with bean plants

contemporary landscape Agronomy grass

Beans grow very quickly and are easy to care for, even if you are a beginner. Considering this variation into consideration, must not hold around them to a fence in seamless rows? Instead, try it with such a Tepeekonstruktion.

Find a dozen or so in the species of bamboo or Willow rods in your local garden and insert them into the ground. You should try to keep equal distances between them. Leaving an opening for the entrance.

When the plants grow, this becomes a wonderful game for the children.

Hanging bird cage

landscape water fountain plants, garden accessories and Gartendeko

Love the bird cages, but you need to protect them from the cats? Try hanging a bird bath. The birds will love to be in a safe place and the hanging bathroom will make for a very interesting phenomenon.

Bird and bee House stand

wood privacy landscape plants garden accessories

These stations with bird houses are just as beautiful to look at and practical to use in the garden design. Grow vines to their bases and thus you will integrate quickly and easily in the landscape.

Art Boulder

grass landscape Gartendeko ornaments

A large boulder can perform miracles and focus on your garden. Determine the zone, make an interesting area of grass or accentuate your favorite stains only by a large rock.

Pebbles are beautiful in itself, but the painted are another option. You can purchase such ready or create some of your own.

Suspension bridges

water bridge autumn trees

If you have a Creek or a Lake on your site, then you should make a popular place from it and this can be achieved by a beautiful bridge such as this one.

Bank with a beautiful view

Mediterranean landscape bench garden design

The garden has been no bank? Before you place them, you should take into consideration what you will see from this and what are you will be looking at.

Gardening in the fall landscaping landscape autumn pumpkins, garden accessories and Gartendeko

yellow wood Chair plants pot rural garden garden accessories and Gartendeko age transform the Chair into a planter

Ornate garden idea

art white flowers vascular grassy garden accessories and Gartendeko

Variety of flowers

lawn grass flowers plant garden accessories and Gartendeko

Attractive Gartendeko

trolley wood red painted plants landscape garden accessories and Gartendeko

Each parent bird houses – really eco-friendly

birdhouse stained Gartendeko landscape garden accessories and Gartendeko

Old head as a stand for flower pots – beautiful orchids

head plants Orchid Gartendeko DIY garden accessories and Gartendeko

Feminine idea

cute flowers Roses Kasten garden accessories and Gartendeko

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