25 Cool Practical Balcony Ideas – Oasis On The Balcony

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cool practical balcony ideas

25 practical balcony ideas – create a relaxing oasis on the balcony

Most people use the balcony or the terrace to hang the laundry there or keep the old, unused items there. Rarely, one can see a balcony, which serves as a beautiful and elegant relaxation corner with lots of decorative flowers. The reasons for this are as follows: the small space in the apartment, as well as the unpleasant environment. She often enjoy in the city or the building, which is only 2-3 metres, who would?

Fresh springtime on the small balcony – colorful flowers and plant species

practical balcony ideas colorful colourful red pink flowers

Still, we all want to live in comfortably equipped home. Above all, it depends on our views. Start with the design of your terrace or balcony. Create a cozy and fresh atmosphere with many flowers, so that even your neighbours would take it as a model.We present 8 practical ideas that could help you to turn your balcony or terrace into an oasis or a wonderful relaxation corner. Maybe you don’t have much free space, you are perhaps very busy. But everything depends on your desire and your organization.

Add lots of flowers and greenery

flowers cool balcony idea design requirements wood furniture

Flowers and greenery

We start, because it is difficult to imagine a relaxation corner with no flowers. Here are some tips that will help you before you start to build plants.Normally, the balcony is not very extensive. Therefore, be wise and make there only such items that are necessary. Use hanging baskets – they are very space efficient. The flower boxes that are smaller and more compact, are also a suitable solution. Map no flower pots on the floor because they hinder the walk and block. Choose such plant species that thrive on the balcony. For example, if the balcony is located to the South, you could select such plants, which are available from the hot rays of the Sun in the summer.

Organize your free time that you pay more attention your plants on the balcony. First make the balcony compact by you grow a few plants. If you decide to grow perennials, make sure to bring that in the winter months in the apartment.

Floor runners or artifice to create comfortable atmosphere

practical balcony ideas awning parasol workplace

Place a carpet or synthetic grass on the floor

The mosaic floor and tiles can create a cosy and warm atmosphere on the balcony, so you use carpet, artificial grass or floor runners. So what are the optical illusion that the balcony is a natural extension of the room.

Mesh metal furniture on the balcony

practical balcony ideas metal mesh seating furniture glass

Select appropriate furniture

If the room is too small and compact, forget about the possibility and the chance to receive guests. Try to make it, even if he only holds a person more comfortable. Even more important tips:The wooden furniture are not very durable. Better use folding furniture. It’s not a big deal to build yourself a table attached to the wall.On the balcony, place a wardrobe or chest of drawers, where you can store items that you rarely use.

Comfortable recreation area – wooden furniture and grey pads

practical balcony ideas wood grey pads furniture grid

Our goal is to feel closer to nature, that’s why the wicker furniture or those are made of rattan, the perfect choice. Because they serve as garden furniture, do not worry that they are wet from the rain. Add cheerful, decorative throw pillows and pads on it, which offer more mood.

Put candles in glasses – romantic atmosphere

practical balcony ideas wood lights candles


The lights should work indirectly, discreetly, functional and romantic. The candles, which can put into jars and then fix it to the wall are perfect for this. On the market, there’s a rich selection of lanterns, as well as the popular solar lamps. In particular look for the effect of indirect, yellow light.

Plant herbs and spices on the balcony

practical cool balcony ideas flower pot bottom

Aromatic herbs and spices

Save space, but you would make your oasis of colorful and functional and their flavors would increase the quality of the air. Our Tip: Use any herbs or spices that you cultivate in the balcony, if he is placed on a lively and busy street.

Green folding furniture, round table and green umbrella

practical balcony ideas relax green folding furniture

Provide the shade in the summer

For more comfort and cosiness you consider the possibility to create thick shade on the balcony. There are two variants – sunshade or awning. The second is more expensive, but at the same time solves some problems. Thanks to its shadow remains cool on hot summer days the living area. So, it is not necessary to use the air conditioning. Flowers are well maintained in the shade outside on the balcony.

Colourful and cheerful flower pots – stylish decoration

practical balcony ideas colorful Potted flowers witness


Create pleasant atmosphere on the balcony where you can relax quietly.

Bad example for decoration on the balcony – tacky and tasteless

ideas balcony kind of kitschy art design coloured

Some tips:

Decorate the room after you have arranged the furniture. Begin to organize the larger items. Use natural ornaments from nature. Dried flowers, leaves, details from the trees with interesting shapes, white pebbles. Avoid plastic items. Choose decoration made of wood, wrought iron and clay.

Grill on the balcony

practical balcony ideas relax crickets


If you prefer freshly prepared food and of course if the conditions to match, consider the idea for Grill on the balcony. In particular, please your decision after the free space on the balcony.

Beautiful, pleasant atmosphere on the balcony

practical balcony ideas stained furniture seat chaircompact but pleasantly furnished balcony practical balcony ideas stained yellow motifs Chair folding table

Modern, urban design – wood flooring

practical balcony ideas colorful cozy corner rest

Beautiful recreation area – compact furniture made of wood

practical balcony ideas stained wood lattice natural beautifulbright yellow wall – compact balcony with many flowers decorate practical balcony ideas colorful pot yellow wall compact

White furnishings, decorative brick wall and Red tulips form the atmosphere on that balcony

practical balcony ideas stained white brick wall tulips red

Sunny balcony in the City – Green chairs and square table made of wood

ideas balcony type art Wood Green Chairlarge balcony – dark wicker furniture ideas balcony classic figures dark furniture

Old, classic building – simple, but striking balcony

ideas balcony classic design brick wall

Lovely sitting area, where you can enjoy the breakfast time morning

ideas art nature fresh balcony seating area relaxing breakfast

Enjoy the beautiful nature of this large sun terrace

ideas balcony modern nature large room

Urban atmosphere and best balcony decoration

ideas balcony modern urban planter

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