30 Cool Ideas For The Small Balcony

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Balcony stained

30 cool ideas to make a small balcony

It is common in some countries that the apartments there have a small balcony. Russia is one of these countries, IKEA has organised a competition for the most comfortable small balcony there recently. Here are some examples of the best balconies of this competition. Serve different needs of the inhabitants, but everyone could find something interesting it. Many of these balconies are furnished with IKEA furniture, so it costs to do not too much something similar. If your balcony is small, hesitate no longer to try one of these ideas.

Small balcony with atmosphere

Balcony tonight

77 practical balcony designs – original balcony design ideas

Decoration with mirrors

Balcony ambience

Bit of color on the terrace

Balcony blue lamp

And a bit more color

Balcony stained

A decorative idea in beige and white

Balcony wood

Balcony wood table the terrace one also as a space for the plants can use the cat feels there probably

Balcony IKEA

A small balcony in red Balcony in red

Balcony candle the terrace as a place for the fireplace can be used

Balcony in the classic Russian style

Balcony small

Space for the gourmet

Balcony Dresser

Small balcony – 40 creative and practical ideas

Or an idea as a place for the Home Office

Balcony laptop

Also a balcony as a dining area for lovers

Balcony Leopard

This balcony offers more space for the family

Balcony marble

Small balcony with candles

Balcony night

Everything on this terrace is made of wood

Balcony only wood

Small balcony to relax

Balcony oldschool

Greenhouse on the balcony is still an interesting outfit idea

Balcony Palms

On the balcony there is space for your cacti

Balcony plant

Green paradise on your terrace

Balcony plants

You can convert the terrace into the living room

Balcony plant

Terrace Gestaltung-make your patio a place of destination.

Ambiance on your balcony

Balcony table black

Allow a relaxation on the terrace – 16 outdoor ideas

A decorating idea for your balcony in natural colours

Balcony sofa

Optimal space for the plants on the balcony

Balcony table

An idea with an interesting pattern

Balcony Tiger

Again a balcony in natural colours

Balcony white

Terrace renovation Diary: New York stone terrace with portico

A terrace is a reading room

Balcony white Chair

Create comfortable outdoor living area with patio furniture and protection

Another idea for this beauty in white

Balcony white wood

Patio materials and designs for your home

A balcony as a study area

Balcony white Tipf

Cool patio privacy ideas for you

20 decorating ideas for the elegant roof terrace in the town

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