44 Summer Party Decoration Ideas For An Unforgettable Celebration Outdoors

As an atmospheric summer party decoration in the boho chic fashion

Colorful, more colorful… Boho chic! Yes, if you want to organize a colorful garden party for your friends or family, then you can definitely with an atmospheric summer party decoration do. Bohemian feeling pur – it is the secret of the joy of life and the summer casual. This style of living has become nothing to the most popular for generations. Today, he is back in vogue and still boasts colorful textiles and fine fabrics with Oriental patterns, Moroccan lanterns and lanterns, woven baskets and garden furniture and the soft seat cushion in leather or linen. Boho is dynamic and alive. Therefore must at a summer party decoration flowers and also in general the plants on never missing and were also only cacti and Succulents. Very popular in Wicker baskets that serve as planters or macrame hanging flower pots, you are simply discretion here and can hang there.

Summer party decoration with Oriental flair

gartenparty dekoideen boho chic style seat cushions wooden table lanterns flowers

Carpets and carpet runners are clearly an important aspect of the decoration in the boho style. The Persian rugs are of course quite right on the square, but also generally woven blankets and fabrics with folklore patterns are often preferred. You can use also quiet flower and animal motifs for your boho decoration and plenty.

When it comes to furniture, all vintage are very to recommend pieces, as well as rattan furniture. These fit the style to the boho chic just perfect. Of course, wood is also welcome, as well as wrought iron. Homemade pieces of furniture from Euro pallets are anyway a real eye-catcher, no matter where they are, here, these are more than right. Are your summer party decoration in an original and sustainable way enrich and Spice it up. Just one set and covered with colorful blankets, the pallets are transformed in comfortable benches or sofas that offer adequate seating space for your guests.

DIY ideas with Euro pallets

sommerparty decode garden ideas landscaping table decoration europallets diy ideas

Round your garden party decoration with tasty decorated, old cages, Ottensheim of full of flowers and huge pillar candles down. Some torches can plug directly into the ground or in the larger flower pots for even more mysterious mood.

Every other detail is your summer party decoration even more refine and personalize – the old porcelain tea set from Grandma, the brass candlesticks from the flea market or the even tinkered Greyhound. Boho chic everything counts with easy. Set no limits for the decoration, as Bohemian style means that freedom and independence. It is also not wrong to take a little bit of this setting in the own life. Can’t find you?

Moroccan Cup use for delicious ice cream

sommerparty decode garden ideas pudding ice prepare homemade Cup Oriental

Brass fits the boho chic just perfect

sommerparty decode garden ideas round brass coffee table shell lanterns succulent rattan pouf

So do green plants and macrame

Grandad dekoideen boho style flower stand old wooden ladder green plants

Romantically decorated cages are a popular decoration for many occasions

Grandad dekoideen boho chic style of decode old cage white candles lilac Moss

Colorful decorations for the garden

gartenparty dekoideen boho chic style decoration old vintage garden furniture lanterns cushion colourful fabrics

Rattan furniture and colorful accents

Grandad dekoideen boho chic style garden furniture rattan Sheepskin colorful pillow candle holder

Vintage Cabinet with candy filling

Grandad dekoideen boho chic style pallet furniture vintage candy

Colourful napkins and edible flowers as tasteful decoration for drinks and meals

sommerparty decode table decoration drinks prepare Grandad

Pansies are excellent for this purpose

sommerparty table decode decode garden ideas delicious happen shrimp rolls

sommerparty decode garden ideas boho style colorful glasses vintage plate flowers

You can make beautiful garlands from cloves

sommerparty decode ideas flower decoration pink carnations make garlands yourself

Or conjure up original vases from Einweck-Masongläsern

sommerparty decode garden ideas party decoration glass vases hanging mason himself make

Do not forget also the own outfit in the boho chic!

sommerparty decode garden ideas hippy clothes boho style flower pattern hair accessories

Lost track of time and celebrate beautiful!

sommerparty decode ideas wedding decoration boho chic style

gartenparty dekoideen boho chic style patchwork cover Moroccan Lantern metal

gartenparty dekoideen boho chic style pergola of round Council tantisch garden sofa flower pots

gartenparty dekoideen boho chic style table decoration cushion flowers fringe Moss

Grandad dekoideen boho chic style of tischdeko tablecloth flowers knitted blankets tip

gartenparty dekoideen boho chic style wohnwage colorful pillow cover baskets flowers

Grandad dekoideen boho style tree decorations lights necklaces colorful fabric tapes

gartenparty decorating boho style decoration old garden furniture vintage chest of drawers rattan chair

Grandad dekoideen boho style seat cushion hammock

gartenparty dekoideen colorful pillow cushions rug runner umbrella

gartenparty decorations hanging seat woven graze keep wooden box

Grandad dekoideen retro bike of upcycling decoration roses hydrangeas

sommerparty decode garden ideas canopy bed canopy sofa lace bedspread

sommerparty decode garden ideas flower decoration hanging basket macrame roses hydrangeas

sommerparty decode garden ideas boho chic style decoration white curtains Persian rugs Oriental cushions

sommerparty decode garden ideas boho chic style wind chimes of lace fabrics

sommerparty decode garden ideas ethno motifs Cushion cover tent Oriental boho style

sommerparty decode garden ideas curtains beaded tassels pendant

sommerparty decode garden ideas gartenparty landscaping style boho chic tent

sommerparty decode garden ideas gartenparty organiesieren metal lanterns candles Rose Cake

sommerparty decode garden ideas Cushion cover ethno, boho style lighting hang lights

sommerparty decode garden ideas lights hydrangeas necklaces vintage chairs dining table wood Pergola

sommerparty decode garden ideas party decode round Moroccan table metal lanterns Oriental tea cups

sommerparty decode garden ideas partyideen postcard Oriental metal lanterns

fast decorative garden ideas table of Euro pallets themselves build

sommerparty decode garden ideas table decorations macrame succulent flowers-porzelan dish

sommerparty decode flower plant pot baskets cacti

sommerparty decode ideas colorful pillow cover fabrics poufs

sommerparty decode ideas gartenparty dining table table decoration garlands pink roses