66 Exemplary Examples Of The Optimal Design Of The Garden Stairs

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Have you ever thought of a garden stairs?

In the garden, we rarely have the problem to rise from one level to the other. This subject concerns above all the interior design. However, it sometimes happens that we need the garden stairs.

The garden stairs make us when we walk on uneven terrain. They also help us to structure the garden and to make him appear so harmonious. Last but not least, the garden stairs can be interpreted as a decorative element.

The garden stairs is the fastest way to your garden
garden staircase staircase herbs green light

The illumination of certain areas emphasizes the character of the garden

garden staircase staircase herbs lighting level

Some homeowners choose to secure direct access to the second floor garden stairs.

In all these cases is the good aesthetic appearance of fundamental importance. You should not compromise it. Get inspiration and ideas from our examples for your unbeatable garden stairs. The examples show different styles and materials. Be creative and make your own combinations of these ideas.

Stylized appearance next to contemporary architecture

illuminated garden staircase staircase herbs

To work with natural stone is not only modern but also very intelligent

external staircase herbs vogelperpektive

The modern garden Zen influences may well tolerated

concrete garden staircase staircase herbs share

Floating stairs

The first solution is chic and stylish. It’s about garden stairs with a minimalist and weightless concept. You give the garden a sophisticated and elegant look. These stairs can be made from different materials. However, if you typically used slabs of stone or wood. Make the right decision, best will be enrolling in the design of your home.

Smooth here look acceptable only in addition to wild plants

garden staircase staircase herbs concrete blocks

Of course is the new chic

garden staircase staircase herbs natural stone

Compensate for the concrete surface with enough lawn

garden staircase staircase herbs greening staircase

On the steps, there is enough space for flower pots

garden staircase staircase herbs stone construction

Steel and glass put the past and modern touches to the garden

garden staircase staircase herbs steel cable

Escape from reality and relax in your garden for a while

porch herb stone staircasemake a joy for the eyes

garden staircase staircase herbs stone plate

The garden stairs can be quietly striking and extravagant

garden staircase staircase herbs stained

or be covered with Ivy

porch herb stone staircase

A new wooden staircase refreshes the input range

garden staircase staircase herbs finished unit

A railing must be

garden staircase staircase herbs gorgeous

You should freuen-the garden make it gorgeous

Garden staircase staircase herbs small House

A foreign can delight very well spiral staircase

porch herb spiral staircase of metal ornaments

Garden staircase that leads to the terrace

Connect the terrace to the rest of the garden? Try however to achieve this with the help of a garden stairs. The staircase is an obstacle for thieves and an escape route for you in any situations of danger. The garden stairs put you so your own priorities.The straight stairs are apt if you establish a connection to the first floor. A spiral staircase is recommended if you want to get on the other floor.

Think of the danger of tripping! Here is caution!

garden staircase staircase herbs wide plates


garden staircase staircase herbs

The pebbles are somewhat tedious, but very aesthetic

garden staircase staircase herbs neighbourhood

A flight of stairs can be built in many ways

porch herb stone stairs

Colours create more mood

external staircase herbs zen

Everything is possible

porch herb spiral staircase metal

Garden stairs are directly connected to the facade. For this reason, a material should be chosen that fits very well.

Also, the garden stairs for easier to combine different garden areas.

Would you secure access between two or more areas are located on different levels? The open garden stairs are very apt in this case. They must be adapted stylistically to the surfaces, which connect them.

Sometimes it is only a question of cost

garden staircase staircase herbs elegant solid

The most beautiful holiday memories can be launched again in the garden

garden staircase staircase herbs cheerful

The stair lighting

The lighting is an important aspect, which generally applies to all stairs… In addition to the strategically placed ambient lighting, drag would necessarily also recessed to consider. You are of fundamental importance for safety at night.

You reap what you sow

overgrown garden staircase staircase herbs

wide garden staircase staircase herbs

wood garden staircase staircase

external staircase herbs easy

porch herb clear

porch herbs green staircase

porch herbs themselves build

external staircase herbs holzgelender

Risk of slipping

It is also crucial that you avoid any risk of slipping. The material for your garden stairs should be chosen so that you can run also in wet weather without any problems on it.

outdoor stairs higher level

wood just outside staircase herbs

external staircase herbs mallet

external staircase herbs outside spiral staircase

porch herb flat

external staircase herbs tiles

external staircase herbs railing

external staircase herbs high staircase

Garden stairs made of wood

The garden stairs made of wood are very popular. You bring some specifics with him that needs special attention. This is a natural material and is therefore susceptible to different external influences. You must have therefore edit the material with suitable means to secure a greater resistance. Renovate the stairs regularly so that you avoid rot and breakage.

porch herb gray

external staircase herbs railing iron

garden staircase

external staircase herbs wooden staircase

external staircase herbs old material

porch herbs secret passage

external staircase herbs mature

porch herbs guide

porch herbal beauty

porch herbal mood

porch herbal mood

porch herb terrace to the garden

external staircase herbs stair construction

external staircase herbs environment

external staircase herbs Square

external staircase herbs fabulous

porch herb tree trunks

garden staircase staircase herbal floral

exterior porch herbs

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