A Cool Design Plant: The Bottlebrush

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cool design plant flowers leaves design idea originalA cool design plant: the Bottlebrush

The ‘Little John’ Bottlebrush (Callistemon viminalis) is a great design plant for your garden. In the subtropical areas are Zylinderputzer vainglorious trees and large bushes. This dwarf type, but is small enough in pots to thrive. She could be maintained even as ground vegetation, as it is 60-90 cm tall at certain locations. The plant is dry – and heat-tolerant and very easy to clean. You need not be cut because the dwarf Bottlebrush has bluish-green leaves and purple flowers, which firmly stand on short branches.

Botanical name: Callistemon viminalis ‘Little John’

cool design plant flowers red colors shapes landscape

Common names: dwarf Bottlebrush, little John BottlebrushConditions: Covered winter hardy to-9 degrees, otherwise grows well in pots

Water requirements: not challenging for the first monthsHeight: 60-90 centimeters high and wideAdvantages and characteristics: dry tolerant; provides shade for wildlife; attract pollinators; grows well even in urban conditionsSeasonal conditions: Evergreen; irregular flowers throughout the year with a high season in spring

Cultivation time: you plant in the fall

cool design plant flowers red colors design cylinder

Application. Take advantage of the dwarf Bottlebrush to attract hummingbirds and other pollinators, the herb garden with lavender and Rosemary to make interesting or as an edge of flowerbeds or footpaths. The leaves with a soft texture best splurge if some pieces together to grow, but the plant is expensive (about $20$ 30), could plug in any flower bed per piece, as far as your budget allows. If you have already a piece, you would want to have even more.

The soft, cold hues of the leaves of the cylinder antennas

cool design plant flowers leaves design landscaping

The leaves of the cylinder antennas make much easier the wait on the flowers and the leaves themselves have enough contribution to the beauty of the garden. The Velvet texture is so inviting that you should cultivate the plant within reach.

In some locations, the Bottlebrush retains its leaves and it can stand as a permanent element in the landscape. With the slow and compact growth, the plant for a ground vegetation is suitable or can thrive well under the Windows in the building of the House. Hard frost, the plant can be easily protected with ceiling.

If you stay there, where it is colder than-9 degrees, you can have Bottlebrush ‘Little John’ in flower pots

cool design plant flowers leaves design idea original

With its small size the plant can stay for years and in the winter it is easy a houseplant.

After the first few months, the plant is tolerant of dry, the repot into larger pots is recommended for deeper root. You can either plant per piece in the pot or contrasting groups with plants with larger leaves. A composition of three large ceramic containers with dwarf cylinder cleaners is a low-maintenance exhibition at eye level.

Cultivation notescool design plant flowers leaves design garden

Callistemon ‘Little John’ is unpretentious, the plant can tolerate good wet and dry soil. After the first few months she needs almost no irrigation, bringing technology in private houses and even public locations as parking is suitable for xeriscaping. The Bottlebrush feels better fertilized, but can bloom well even without fertilization.

In the first months, the plant still needs irrigation for solid roots. She can be mounted at any time, but in the fall she will wash faster so that you have a lot of flowers in the spring. The picture shows the irregular flowers, which are all year long.

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