A Great Ornamental Plant: With Sneezeweed Your Garden Flowers The Whole Summer Long!

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a great ornamental plant good mood meadow In the garden

A great ornamental plant: With Sneezeweed flowers your garden all summer long!

How’s it going in late summer? I want to me sit back and relax. When it comes to the design in this period, I opt for the simplest solutions.

In the case of the garden, a plant that is often underestimated in all respects for the benefit of others helps me. To decide in this case often Sun flowers and Rudbeckien. But actually there is also a more fabulous variant and namely the plant named Dugaldia hoopesii.

A perfect creation of nature

a great ornamental Sneezeweed with raindrops

This plant is a valuable and designed a coloured carpet, when placed in mass on a surface.

Botanical name: Helenium ‘ Mardi grass

Commonly used name: Sneezeweed

Water requirements: Low

Light requirements: Full sun or partial shade

Size: to the one metre

Advantages and tolerance: Tolerance to drought, wild resistant, well shaped flowers attractive to butterflies and bees

Highest season: summer

When should it be grown: In the spring or in the fall

Distinguishing feature: One can describe the flower as an orange skirt with yellow fringe with a prominent dark cones.

Each flower shows individuality and is unique with own colored spots

a great ornamental plant colorful splendor

How should you deal with it

In large amounts: In this form and combined with grass and other prairie plants will provide for the creation of a colorful meadow this plant in your garden.

In smaller numbers: In this case, combine the Mardi Gras Sneezeweed with dark BREW and burgundfarbenen leaves.

In the case here, we see a mix with Pysocarpus designed by Le Jardinet

a great ornamental plant in yellow and orange

Explanations to the planting

The normal, however well with fertilizing substance soil should be matching. Tyre lumps could be split off in the spring. You should cut them off with a sharp swing and new planting each section.

Sneezeweed provides exactly so cleverly contrast in this case

a great ornamental plant contrasts with the dark leaves

If grows in full sun, it needs are not pegged to.

Sometimes you will need to support it with a few sticks in addition

a great ornamental plant directly at the window

I think that this rather American, but also in Europe growing plant is an example of that natural beauty needs little care. That’s why you should look for it diligently!

You share this opinion?

a great ornamental plant in red before of the garden porch

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