A Japanese Garden Design – Practical Tips And Important Elements

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The creation of a garden with Oriental Zen flair

More and more often, you can discover elements of the Japanese garden in the usual garden design. It takes over some elements, all structures or simply the idea for the symbolic representation of mother nature and your items on a relatively small area.

Actually many people have integrated these elements in their outside area, but not enough information about their significance. The reason for this is that some components of the Japanese garden are now very popular. One assumes they so, without in fact about to be aware of.

Do you like to know what looks like a garden functioning according to the usual rules of? We try simply to describe enough in the next few lines but in detail.

Short definition of the Japanese garden

You will be perhaps surprised the description of the Japanese garden can be as short actually. It is a place where rocks and water each other perfectly complement each other. They harmonize well with each other and continue to be beefed up by great green plants.

So, even a tiny garden with some gravel or water can be turned into a Japanese garden. There are even decorative variants, which can be at home.

The traditional Red Bridge is always for a Japanese garden

Japanese garden pond bridge red wood water lilies

Old items

According to Japanese tradition, everything that is old is very valuable. Stone and wood elements which already lying around at this point, are valuable components of the garden design of the Japanese garden.


Often bring exotic plants with the Japanese garden in connection.

Bamboo is a typical example of this, because it is a classic element of the Japanese garden. With regard to our philosophy of life, this is however not essential. You can use local plants. You need to make the landscape more interesting by your design and emphasize their natural beauty.

Far eastern vegetation and Stone lanterns

Japanese koi carp pond garden Stone lanterns asalien conifers

A miniature of the natural resources

The principle of garden design in the Japanese style is the imitation of nature. You must allow derive from the natural rules which formed the natural landscapes. The water stands for lakes, rivers and sea. This can alternatively be imitated by gravel, therefore Pebble stones are very often in the Japanese garden. Hills, mountains, and other natural elements should be represented by larger stones and pieces of rock. Green plants, mostly evergreens, stand for forests and other green areas.

Meditative Zen creating mood through proper garden design

Japanese stone garden garden design feng shui Garden House

Male and female beginning

The beginning of male and female should be represented within the Japanese garden. Together, they represent the beginning of all living according to Eastern philosophy.

How to reach the appearance of these elements?

To present the male and female beginning in the garden, you will have to face some important design elements. Emphasize the juxtaposition of light and shadow, or by water and stone as much as it is.

Clear delineation of

Ultimately, a Japanese Garden must be clearly separated. This should be done preferably with a fence. He should preferably have an also natural character. As trees, high bushes or stones are apt to do so.

Bamboo fountains and natural stones

Japanese bamboo garden stone design fountain garden pond plant green

Curved lines and circular figures

Japanese garden design ideas garden pebbles stone sand stone blocks

Garden fence made of straw and round River stones for the mini garden

Japanese mini garden design ideas garden stone lantern River stones asalien

Give more authentic broadcast your Japanese garden

Japanese Stone lanterns garden Black River stones pebbles green grass

Also small courtyards are suitable for a delightful Japanese garden

mini Japanese garden design feng shui zen

Find your own special Buddha statue!

blocks of stone garden zen sand pebbles pond buddha statue

Very effective garden fences can be build from bamboo stems

Japanese garden landscaping bamboo garden fence stone lantern riverstones camper water fountain

And some beautiful Japanese Gardens as an inspiration:

Japanese garden large park falls big natural stone Garden House sträuche conifers

Japanese conifers garden wooden bridge pond Acacia

Japanese Pebble garden courtyard ajlun nature stones conifers

Japanese stone garden kyoto zen sand pebbles garden wall

Japanese garden garden stone slabs pebbles

Japanese stone garden pebbles green plant Stone lanterns garden design

Japanese garden park eich green vegetation far rhododendronen

Japanese garden forest park autumn Asian architecture Temple

Japanese Lake park garden flowering trees shrubs

Japanese garden itself natural stones make ajlun Palms conifers bridge Red pond

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