Air Bonsai Tree – Magical Phenomenon Or Innovative Technology?

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bonsai tree air base shell magnetic Pozellan hand made collage

Flying bonsai tree

In their quest for perfection the Japanese have decided, still magical to make their magic bonsai tree. So they have the so-called air bonsai invented. Sounds too weird and unusual for you? We also thought that as we have encountered this ambitious project for the first time. The idea comes from the young company – Hoshinchu air bonsai garden. Imagine just a tiny bonsai tree on an ornate porcelain bowl – only just floating. Pure witchcraft? No, pure science and completely sustainable.

The secret of the flying bonsai is hiding in the magnetic force. The whole thing consists mainly of two parts. What looks just as traditional porcelain bowl is actually the base, also “energy base” called means “Little Star” and carries the bonsai tree in the floating ball. The ball is usually covered with green moss and you can plant virtually any any plant or tree there.

Air bonsai tree – a sophisticated project in Japan

bonsai tree air flying Moss magnetic Japanese project

China is the famous “Imari”. Each dish is unique and is painted by hand. The base with the built-in magnet hidden in it. It is powered by an AC adapter and has a smooth, reflective surface. “Little Star” is equipped with a magnet as well and has a sponge in itself, so that the “Star” to the planting is ready. The ball has a diameter of 6 cm and weighs about 300 g. You hovers at a height of 2 cm above the base.

An ancient custom that is traditionally known in Japan. When you see a beautiful natural object such as a tree, a flower, or just a star, you wish something nice. It is a kind of internal spell, donates the positive energy and hope. Would you try it maybe?

Here find out more about this innovative and fascinating project.

Magnificent porcelain and magnetic force

bonsai tree air Japanese project

Choose your bonsai plant!

bonsai tree air flying Japanese

The floating sphere is covered with green moss

bonsai tree air magnetic base flying Japan project

Young company with vision

Ancient tradition with a promising future

bonsai tree air flying base shell magnetic Pozellan hand made

The air bonsai trees come packaged in wooden crates to you

bonsai tree air flying base shell magnetic broadcast shipping crate

These include also pretty coasters/table mats in bright colors

bonsai tree air flying base shell magnetic fabric pillow

Skillful craftsmanship and high-quality

bonsai tree air flying porcelain base Japan

Painted lovingly by hand

bonsai tree air flying base porcelain hand made painted

The ancient tradition of Imari porcelain

bonsai tree air base tray porcelain Japanese project

The magical nature on the island of Kyushu in southern Japan and the night sky as inspiration for air bonsai

bonsai tree air Japan island of Kyushu

Make your own bonsai garden at home!

bonsai tree air Japanese porcelain bowls traditionallybonsai tree air flying Japanese project

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