Always Cool, Our Advice, Are Staying In The Garden – Here What Is In August To Do

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always cool staying In the garden magenta flowers

Stay cool in the garden

In August your garden is full of flowers and butterflies flutter around from flower to flower in this beautiful sea of colour. It looks not only beautiful, it smells even wonderful, isn’t it? Yes, but there is always plenty to do in such a garden. If you this colorful beauty in late summer and in the autumn to enjoy, then you should take now the end of August for your garden flowers – they adequately fertilize and irrigate. Also, you must prepare your garden for the coming colder months.  Here are some advice of renowned landscape architects:

What advice to you? What can you do in August in the garden?

1. Roses, daisies, Brightside Shasta daisy, or summer Marguerite still called, dahlias and other summer-flowering plants now need your care. Remove withered flowers to cheer up the plants and to encourage, to promote new buds. This way you give new energy the flowers.

A balanced fertilizer once a week is used for the fertilization of the flowers

always cool staying In the garden beautiful daisies sea

2. the gate Golden Park in California once was a place of windy dunes, now it’s a showcase of flora from around the world. How has it reached? Here grow beautiful flowers from South Africa and those from the northern parts of the globe. High maintenance costs are worth but every attempt, say the experts. What is needed is a perfectly permeable soil and the perfect climate – on the coast, it’s never too hot!

A profusion of flower in sunny shades

always cool stay In the California garden splendor orange yellow

So, look your potted plants, “tired” and withered?  Then, you need a general purpose fertilizer, which lasts for about three months, or a liquid fertilizer every two weeks.

You are then rewarded with larger flowers

always cool staying In the garden of cobalt blue pot magenta flowers

3. the heat not, allows you in August’s determined right now to do something in your garden with the garden flowers – and this is not at all necessary. You can plan all activities but for the cooler September and also for a later time.

Nevertheless your garden looks perfect even in August

always cool staying In the garden of Mediterranean landscape

Butterfly time is August

always cool staying In the garden of daisies and Butterfly

4. now, irrigation is important! Frequent and regular casting affects your plants simply encouraging the heat and dry weather. It is recommended that the water penetrates deeper into the ground, advise us of landscape architects.

Ingenious idea of land Design Inc.

always cool staying In the garden wooden box drip hose

Avoid watering directly on the leaves of your plants. Water early in the morning or later in the day to avoid a quick evaporation. An even better idea would be to drop – or hose irrigation closer to the plant roots.

So your plants are always fresh and juicy Green

always cool staying In the garden of lush green

5. in August, the transition from the typical summer flowers to the autumnal flowers is marked, starting with the different species from Stonecrop family, still called Sedum or Stonecrop, for example, make more interesting look to your garden.

The delicate pink flowers freshen the landscape

always cool staying In the garden pink splendor

Lavender sounds soothe the senses

always cool staying In the garden, elegant and robust in Lavender

6 and a last piece of advice still: determine and choose your spring-blooming bulbs now and buy as long as ample storage. Not deter what will be tomorrow! The result will be beneficial, the flowers need simply lots of care and your love!

always cool stay In the magical flower garden

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