American Garden – Tips For Care

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American garden wood planting landscaping water plant

American Garden – needs a constant care and a big budget

The age of English gardens has brought the beauty of herbaceous plants in the focus. These plants need a constant care and a big-budget, coming back aussäen and the control.

The new American gardens have found a clever approach – blocks a bold and simple composition secure large plant mass in holdout monoculture. This restrained, natural garden art can be implemented in most home gardens and landscape designs. Continue reading the text.

Appreciate the scenery that you have

American garden wood chairs outdoor walk

Focus on the plants that thrive in your garden and grow one at that. For a sunny site, consider grasses, which dominate there. For a location in the shade, consider more trees and fern herbs as ground cover.

This beautiful garden is covered with remote herbs abundant and the birch-forest makes more interesting in the garden – it’s simple, brave and relaxing.

Make it easy

American Garden wooden footpath steps stone

Stay in one or two plants on the ground cover in your garden. Will find something delicious that fills the garden easy to care for. Geranium macrorrhizum plays this role perfectly in the shade. The designer has the area with this plant and sedge is – trouble-free plants, live for decades. The textures complement each other so nicely.

Separate and that, building on what you enjoy

American garden wood planting landscaping plants

With limited resources, take of the herbaceous plants in the spring and build still surfaces. So, you get a surprisingly bold and beautiful effect.

On the picture we see stepping stones of different sizes (Mazus repans) related to the lip mouth, so romantic. The simple and noble range consists of sacred bamboo (right), Caucasus forget-me-nots (on the path) and Reed grasses.

Select the right plants

American garden wood planting flower bed yellow plants

Rather than overdo it with many different plant species, you find one that meets all your requirements. This mass of Gold Diamond is simple and amazingly effective as aggressive ground cover, making it very easy to clean. In this area could dozen different plants built to be (what you then need a doctor title), but the designer has found one that worked.

Prefer naturalized compositions

American garden wood planting plate ground backyard

With a mixture of some different types of planting you can try a loose form not orderly composition. Here are Federgräser Schlifgräser (Nasella sp), (Calamagrostis SP.) and accented Fescue grass (Festuca maireii) with a mixture of flowering plants. The line and the scale of the path in this naturalised composition bring a little order.

Focus on scale and repeat

American garden wood planting landscaping water plant

This large House is elegant in his garden. Through a simple planting, range with trees and grasses of different size is connected to the House with the landscape.

You get the best lessons from a walk outside. Mother nature is great, brave and exalted – not fear, at home to make this impression.

Create an experience in every free space

American garden wood planting sofa metal frame classic

The swimming pool ceilings and porches without gardens are just not in order – no matter what material. Build plants around, so that you make an experience there.A relatively simple range of robust plants is in this picture: Fakellilien (Kniphofia sp), yarrow (Achellea sp) and Geraniums have cultivated varieties. The thyme between the paving stones makes elegant space.

Be brave and easy

American garden wood planting House finished

Are looking for strong striking plants, but around not pushing up in the countryside. Such plants in public gardens you can and ask there, which thrive in your climate and conditions.The summer range in this garden consists mainly of Miscanthus ‘Giganteus,’ Miscanthus ‘Gracillimus’ AGASTACHE ‘ blue Fortune’ and Pycanthemum muticum. You could build on a dozen of species there, but the composition’s strength lies in its simplicity and efficiency.

These plants hit away from the field weeds of 10 meters. You are so aggressive that the cultivation of this garden will cost only a small fraction of the cost of traditional gardens. You need almost no care. These are the right plants in the right location.      American Garden wooden footpath steps stone

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