An Original Plant Pot Off Tree Stump Himself Making

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plant pot tree stump succulent cacti

Instructions for a special planter

A fairly costly thing is to cut down a tree. The removal of the stump is still complicated and cumbersome. That’s why many garden owners have considered, to create effective plant pots from the tree dull. You have perhaps already as an original plant pot in your own garden? If not, then you should use that matter most definitely and inquire here how this is done most easily.

Bring the lonely, drab stump to new life and transform it into a beautiful, vibrant Mini garden. You can plant all possible species therein – succulents and cacti, beautiful petunias and violet or beautiful daffodils and tulips – simply everything what your heart desires.

In this way, your garden is still stylish

plant pot tree stump daffodils mushrooms red tulips

Instructions for a plant pot from tree stump:

Need safety glasses, definitely to surely carry out everything. Carefully begin with the pointed end of the grub to make a hole in the middle of the top of the stump. If the hole is bigger, turn around the wider side of the hoe and start continue to edit the stump. Leave about 8 cm wide strip between the hole and the edge. At best, the hole should be about 15-20 cm deep.

Triple joy of life of flowers

plant pot tree stump triple flowers

Then sideways some are small holes with an approx. 8/20 x 5.7 cm wide Auger drill. Beware that the holes are inclined to the ground so that the water can flow well.

To make even better drainage, fill a part of the hole with gravel and give the potting soil on top. You can mix 30% compost quietly with 70% potting soil. Now, only the desired flowers or plants remains to plant. Get ready!

Make yourself a dream of spring

plant pot tree stump yellow red tulips

Beautiful flowers

plant pot tree stump purple flowers

For true fans of tulips

plant pot tree stump Pink Pink tulips

Combine summer flowers

plant pot tree stump summer flowers

Succulents will feel especially comfortable

plant pot tree stump succulent green plants

It would be ideal if the tree stump with tree mushrooms is covered

plant pot tree stump tiny flowers yellow

Stability and tenderness in one

plant pot tree stump delicate flowers

Scented Petunia plant

plant pot tree stump Petite Petunia purple

Make a fabulous mini garden

plant pot mini garden fairy green meadow Gartendeko

Plant pot can be easy peasy from tree stump

planter tulips stump garden decoration

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