Answers To Your Top Questions – Useful Information For Gardeners Garden

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Answers to your top questions – useful information for gardeners garden

Question: My hydrangea not bloomed. She has only a flower period of six years. Why not she bloom? In the wrong time to crop it?Answer: Circumcision is one of the reasons that your hydrangea in bloom up not in the wrong season actually. (In late spring after the flowers wither, the best time is to crop the most hydrangeas.)

Lawn is covered with creeping Charlie and MOSS

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Question: My lawn is covered with creeping Charlie and MOSS. How do I remove it and instead grow grass?Answer: The creeping Charlie and MOSS both love shady conditions. Check the suggestions by the garden doctor, to reduce the amount of shadows in your yard to control the creeping Charlie.

Black stains on the bottom of the tomato

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Question: For the past two years, my tomatoes developed black spots on the bottom of the fruit. I plant them in the same place every year. Would it help to build it in a different position?Answer: A black stain on the bottom of a tomato is known as a symptom of a condition – Blütenendfäule. The good news is that it’s not caused by a disease or an insect.

Shady garden – suitable vegetables?

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Question: I have a patch along the north side of my house, that almost all the time is shady. Which vegetables could I grow there?Answer: the most vegetables grow best in full sun, but some can grow better in cooler conditions really well.

Deer eat my plants

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Question: The deer eat everything in my yard. Is there anything that they are not going to eat? What can I do to stop it?Answer: Even though deer will eat almost anything if they are hungry enough, there are many plants including plants with frizzy leaves that avoid them. Various repellents and protective devices can keep them in the Bay.

Stunning roses grow not properly

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Question: My gorgeous roses are high and not bushy at all. I cut back on them, but they return just as tall and leggy. Is there anything I can do?

Answer: on the first day of spring , you prune them in place and they are divided by the soil.

Save money by the lawn care

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Question: To save money from the lawn care, we the lawn self-pollinated, instead of a lawn care service make. We bought a 4-step fertilizer program. Must we apply separately a caterpillar control?Reply: Most fertilizer programs do not include a caterpillar control insecticide. However, you must apply no Caterpillar control.

Huge pine tree shaded a corner of my justice

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Question: My neighbor has a huge pine tree that shaded a corner of my justice. Is there anything that will grow under this tree?Reply: The tree roots can absorb almost all moisture, but it is perfect for more shade tolerant flowers like perennial plants and shrubs.

10-year Wisteria in the yard

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Question: I have a 10-year Wisteria that has never flourished. In full sun I did fertile with a fertilizer that contains much phosphorus. You is still not flourishing. What can I do?Reply: Wisteria started from seed can take long time to get to the flower. Proper fertilization and pruning are important, how quickly the grapevine will flourish.

I’m afraid of the snakes in my yard

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Question: I have many snakes in my yard. Even though I know that they are to be good guys, I am deadly scared of them. What can I do to keep them away?

Reply: Snakes are helping to suppress the mice and voles in your yard, but if the fear of snakes keeps you from enjoying your landscape, removing them may be worth.

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