ARC Hemp And Peony As Garden Plants – Interesting Facts And Care

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Decorate your garden an elegant arch hemp and beautiful peonies

ARC hemp or Peony is the next garden plant, which you might want to buy? Not really? In both cases, you will be helping this article. Because we want to portray some criteria, you should keep in mind if you want to order a garden plant. The enumerated types – Peony and Bogenhaft are only great examples… Maybe you want to order one of them at the end as a garden plant… Who knows!

What do you know about the garden plants?

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Try the main aspects, which you need to consider when the garden plant order, to refer to the first example. If you can’t, don’t worry, because we will consider this more explicitly in the next step.

ARC hemp (Sansevieria)

garden design ideas bow hemp garden plant ideas green plants

The arc hemp (Sansevieria) is an Evergreen plant growing up. It is decorative and is native to the tropical areas of Africa. They reached a height of 60 cm and blossoms in July.

The arc hemp is a popular houseplant, but this can thrive quite well as a garden plant

garden design and landscaping arch hemp garden plants green plants

The care with which you need to count if you order this garden plant, begins with the positioning in very sunny, bright areas. She exhibited in a southern window. This is one of the few exotic garden plants that can survive outside of a protected area. It has just no problems with the power and can tolerate shade. But like many other exotic, originating in very warm areas, plants, she loves the high humidity and temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees.

ARC hemp as a garden plant

garden plants garden design and landscaping Sanseviera arch hemp

The arc hemp as a soil mixture needs sand and clay. He has no special requirements with respect to the drainage. The level of acidity, it looks as well.

If you want to maintain the Bogenhaft as a garden plant, you would know that you would have to very carefully deal with the casting. The arc hemp is very sensitive in this respect. Concrete do not wet the leaves. In the summer you should all too often and generously pour in winter. By seeds in a warm room or in a greenhouse in the spring, you could multiply the plant. This is actually also by rhizomes. You must be the 7cm long and are used in a not very deep vessel.

How is this garden plant?

garden plants garden design and landscaping arch hemp garden plants

The roots develop after about a month. Then plant them in a mixed ground from clay, sand and leaves.

ARC hemp in the entrance area

garden plants landscaping ideas Sanseviera arch hemp

Beautiful Peony, Peony also called deprive everyone’s attention in the garden

Let’s now the main aspects, which you need for a successful Peony care. Firstly, back to the question of whether the plant is perennial. Here, too, we have to do with the second case. The high, which is achieved, is between 2 and 3 meters.  This plant has several different kinds and you need to know exactly what you want to bring home.

Blooming peonies in the garden

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You want more aesthetic or more benefits, you would have to ask yourself now. Because this plant is beautiful and distributed great flavor. Their flowers have many different nuances. If you want to insist on the symbolism and achieve something, then you would have to look at your garden plant also from this point of view. The Peony stands for wealth and will attract according to Chinese belief to your home itself.

Peonies are available for wealth

garden plants Peony Garden design ideas blooming flowers

The maintenance of Peony

Want a low-maintenance plant or are you ready for a higher claim? Maybe there are just aspects of care, which you more easily avoid and those that you notice more difficult? Firstly, the positioning. In this specific case, you must to see whether it is too difficult to find a sunny spot. Because this species can tolerate just a little shadow.

Peonies tolerate much sun and water

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Do you want it easier with the Earth or is it also something more elaborate? In our case, you would have to mix three types of Earth. Also you need to be wide awake with the standing water, which is deadly for tender peonies.

The transplanting. On most garden plants do not come out. But after all, you should know the process to appreciate, whether you feel it or not more…

Also as a houseplant possible

Garden plant peonies blooming houseplants balcony plants

Transplanting the peonies should happen in any case in the spring. You must release between 60 and 90 cm between the individual plants. You should fertilize with adhesive liquid manure. Consider it well, where you can find a place for the next 10 years for your peonies. Because many varieties simply not so well tolerated the transplant.

We wish you many pleasant hours in your garden and enjoy your beautiful garden plants!

A beautifully fragrant bouquet of roses

garden plant peonies bloom blooming plants rose bouquet

Festive table decorations ideas with peonies

garden plant peony flowers festive table decorations ideas with roses

Bride’s bouquet Peony – a romantic idea

garden plant peonies bridal bouquet flowering flowers Roses

Combined with other garden plants

garden plant peonies bridal bouquet flowering flowers spring flowers

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