Asparagus Plants – Practical Tips For A Fresh, Rich Harvest

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asparagus plants collage

Asparagus plants learn

The asparagus season has certainly two aspects. More on the nursery and another – one refers to the food and enjoy. If you want to enjoy this great variety of vegetables from the garden, you should make now to work. Then you have the first retirement in three years… But all the same. At some point, a beginning there must be, or?

What should I know for the cultivation of asparagus?

The right time for the asparagus planting would be late April or mid-May but latest. The distribution is done by seed. You should be distributed on a distance of 25-30 cm. Count with 2-6 weeks until they break through the Earth. So the growth is promoted and is also in these terms, you should water it regularly.

Asparagus nurse ready to build on

asparagus plants seeds growing

As soon as the green asparagus between 7 and 10 cm has reached another stage in the asparagus cultivation follows. Now the young plants in new series would have to be distributed. The distance would be between 8 and 10 cm. Until the autumn, they should develop roots wide and bulky that themselves have 3 or 4 branches.

After the asparagus season in which we eat this great vegetable in various incredible food, a certain break takes place. Only in October you would have to do again. Then, the rods would need to be reduced to a height of 2-3 cm above the surface of the Earth. The series are cleaned and filled.

Green, delicate plants

asparagus plants Grün Jung

How to prepare the soil for the cultivation of asparagus?

Reaching the best results when using seeds of annuals. You would have to plow first early in the autumn. So digging up also the appropriate fertiliser in the soil. To make rows that are 35 cm deep to allow. The base must be crumbled and then insert the fertiliser.

The life cycle of the asparagus in drawings

asparagus plants life cycle


Harvesting of the plants could start at the earliest in the fourth year. From species to species, there are differences. To harvest the white asparagus shortly after the plant has shown itself above the ground. The purple variety can linger a bit longer there so that she gets the typical color. The Green is mainly grown in uniform areas in Italy and France. These varieties are harvested when they reach 10 or 15 cm.

The beginning of the harvest

asparagus plant asparagus harvest white

Crisp, white poles

asparagus plants earth plugging

Fresh on the market

asparagus plants white large

As I said, this is done after the fourth year of planting on.

In the first year you should plow the plants several times. To do this around to the beds. As a result the latter should be full and covered with a uniform grounding. You can pick some plants, but quite a few. Because otherwise it weakens them and they were then far too thin on the duration.

These plants look usually from the end of May. Then go back and continue their growth in the fall.

A bundle full of vitamins and trace elements

asparagus plants bars Federal

After the fruitful harvest

asparagus plants harvest fresh

Küchenfertig on the table

asparagus plants white Küchenfertig

Delicious dish with salmon and light sauce

asparagus plants fish sauce Hollandaise

Magnificent variety of asparagus in purple

asparagus plants fresh rods purple

For real gourmets

asparagus plants gourmet cooked

Elegant bars in green

asparagus plants green Federal

Freshly harvested green leather

asparagus plants green market

A healthy vegetable mix

asparagus plants Grün Korb

Green Salad with asparagus, Orange and Arugula

asparagus plants green salad

Purple asparagus in a pan

asparagus plants purple stewing Pan

Light sauce and smoked salmon

asparagus plants light sauce of salmon recipe

Steamed asparagus with fried egg

asparagus plants recipe sauce fried egg

Classic with Parma ham and sauce Hollandaise

asparagus plants ham hollandaise sauce

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