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Balcony plants with seeds

The main winter season is already there. Everything is white and looks somewhat devastated in the cold weather. So now, just the right time is to ponder for balcony plants you want to have in the next season.

If you now think well through everything, you will have wonderful balcony planting for all three seasons. The time is actually for some varieties. Because they must already be planted in January. So let’s get to work.

You need that for balcony plantings

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First, you would have to sort out the seeds, which you need. Decide it best for varieties, which are local origin or shown to not destroy your ecosystem. Those that represent a specific local varieties are best.

Then you would have to find such plants containers you are good use for planting. Here, our recommendation is that you can bring also jars to use. Again, you would use commercial items in this manner.

This is a real sustainable planting

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Get third place ground Earth. If it is good quality, then you will save totally or largely located on the duration of weed. So you will enjoy only the great results after the initial effort in planting balcony. It isn’t worth?

Fungicidal is never mandatory for qualitative planting, can be rather useful. If you use this, you will protect your plants because of unpleasant attacks of the fungi.

Water spray is also something absolutely necessary for balcony plantings

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This will be easier to water the flowers and treat various diseases. Could remain in balcony planting very useful a little aluminum foil you. Thus sow the seeds in the soil and protect it from various external influences.

The seeds

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Now we come to the seeds in the Earth. Read carefully the instructions on the packaging. Before that, you need to scrutinize whether or not the selected seeds need Sun to grow. After sowing, you should pour even the Earth and seeds.

Striking purple flowers

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Wrap the vessels with a clear film. So, you will achieve a certain greenhouse effect. The fungicidal are very important at this stage. By to have their effect, in this phase of the balcony plants, the plants are protected from any harmful development and destruction as a result. At this point, you could break through the foil with a nail. If you don’t do this, then you best all should make up a few days the foil, make seeds and soil air. Up to germinate the seeds in direct sunlight could be issued. Then this is no longer recommended, because it may be that they burn.

When will the seeds germinate

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The germination of seeds is a very impatiently awaited phase in balcony planting. In it there is a kind of real magic. You can already read on the packaging, after how much time this will happen. However, the period may be different depending on the temperature, humidity and other factors.

The phase of the balcony plants after germination

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At this point, the film can be removed. Act carefully, especially if the seeds long have been covered. This must be done very gently and slowly. It should be best in the light, but what has happened yet in the rays of direct sunlight.

Also the casting must be very careful. Either this must be done through a diffuser, top but only the edge of the flower container. Beware very well at this stage, so that not everything that you have made so far in balcony planting, you ruin.

Distribution of seed

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At this stage of the balcony plants, you need lots of patience. Gently press the vessel and cut off the substrate. You can help yourself with cutlery. If you want to distribute the seeds over a larger area, then proceed as follows:

Place the potting soil, on paper or another surface, dismember you and pour easily.

Take very good care of the seed

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Now we have arrived to the last phase of the balcony plants. You must but not too abundant pour regularly. Spray every few days with fungicides.

In all seasons, enjoy the results!

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Decorate the planter with river stones

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Homemade, hanging plates as shelves

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Rustic pots and boxes on the balcony

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