Bamboo Room For Interiors – Decorative And Easy To Clean

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bamboo room indoor planting tips

Bamboo room – interesting facts, tips and tricks

Plant connoisseurs appreciate the properties of the bamboo plant, because like hardly an other houseplant conjures freshness into the living areas – the significantly smaller in comparison to the traditional bamboo bamboo room in the blink of an eye and is also not really challenging to. The bamboo room – often referred to as well as lucky bamboo – belongs to the family of the sheet and is considered very undemanding plant and brings the holiday feeling in your own home.

A breath of exoticism in your own four walls

You want to give something more fresh and exotic her apartment with little effort? Then perhaps a bamboo room the right choice. With a room bamboo plant lovers can’t go wrong as well – at least if they adhere to following care instructions and site recommendations:

Light: The bamboo room can withstand no direct sunlight, should be but also not too dark. A bright, half shady location is ideal. The bamboo room incompatible draughts in addition also.
Casting: The lucky bamboo needs relatively much water and should be poured mainly in the summer months early in the morning and late at night. In pot bamboo is however to ensure that formed no waterlogging at the roots. The roots should swim freely in a bamboo in a vase of water. Bamboo plants love the humidity with a water spray.
Roots & Earth: The roots of bamboo need sufficient space so that they can unfold freely. Ideally, the bamboo plant in loose humus soil is implanted.
Perfect for your Feng Shui decoration

bamboo room indoor houseplant of care tips

Bamboo as an ideal ornamental

In many people, a bamboo plant is so popular, because she by no time gives a certain holiday feeling within the interiors and beautify rooms easily and quickly. A single bamboo plant can be a load-bearing, decorative element in the room and immediately make a statement in a larger pot or bucket. Single, dry leaves or brown leaf tips, the owners of a bamboo must not fall into panic – in most cases recovered this species very well and can again shine in their full beauty. In dry places the casting habits should be reviewed and in many cases can also be helpful a repot. In the milder months between spring and autumn, a bamboo room can also easily beautify home balcony or on the terrace. Because the bamboo room is however not Hardy, this one again at a site with room temperature before the frost.

Introducing harmony and balance in your home

bamboo room indoor Interior

Does fertilizer make sense?

A bamboo room really is a beautiful accent in the domestic four walls, this should have a strong and optimal growth. This is achieved generally only by a regular fertilization – ideally at least once in the year. In the trade, there are special fertilizer for the bamboo room, supplying them with all the important nutrients. In the winter months, a fertilizer is not required, because the plant is in the recovery phase and should if possible be left alone.

Bamboo is the perfect houseplant for your bathroom

bamboo room indoor care tips

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